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Dr. Young

Danni’s Father, the man who accidently created the virus. Was only shown in the series on a pamphlet Ellie & Jack found.

Dunbar (David Stott)

Taught Martin, Ebony, Jaffa and Trudy in pre-tribe world.

Ma’am (Robyn Malcolm)

Series 2 Pre-Tribe - Drill Instructor at Lex’s and Ryan’s Boot Camp... Likes to be thought of as a mother... Scary woman.

Maximus [N/A]

Series 4 - The virtual warrior that Lex first fought during his Gladiator stint on City-Net.

News Presenter (N/A)

The news presenter is an adult male who broadcast the news of the evacuation to the population.

He appears in the opening credits of every episode, speaking the line "authorities are appealing for calm throughout the evacuation process".

President (George Henare)

He lied to the people making them believe that the virus was from a comet from out of space.

Trudy's Mother & Father (Jo Mildenhaill & Tim Gordon)

The first two adults to be shown in The Tribe. Her Mother also appeared in Pre-Virus eps in Series 2. When the media announced an evacuation of all children under the age of 18 years, Trudy's father told Trudy she had to leave her parents and save herself for their sake. Trudy's mother agreed and gave Trudy a firm hug. Although reluctant at first, Trudy eventually agreed.

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