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Alice is the de facto leader of the "Farm Girls," who supply the City with fresh produce. Eventually, Alice and her sister, Ellie, leave the Farm and live in the Mall where Alice is Tai-San's body guard. As an older sister, Alice is fiercely protective of Ellie. She is fun loving and can be rowdy but deep down she is kind and sensitive and has wisdom, which she offers Ellie and others who need help. Angry at injustice, Alice has a hot temper. She is a formidable foe but a fantastic friend.

After finding Lex was leading her on while pursuing a relationship with Tai-San, Alice finally finds her (unlikely) soul-mate in Ned; unfortunately his disreputable dealings lead to his death and the shock of his loss is too much for her to bear; she loses her mind. Alice also makes an appearance in Series 5 in which she, KC and the Guardian along with several others are being held prinsoner on a strange unknown island.




Alice first appears when Lex, Jack, Dal and Bray were outside the city, looking for somebody to trade with (episode 32). They met Alice. She was the first girl who actually managed to frighten Lex. Lex and the others traded batteries and other electrical stuff for some fresh food for his and Zandra’s wedding ceremony. They aquired a pig, not Porky, and a bunch of vegtables. Lex also had a the CD of Flaming Snot which turned out to be Alice's, as well as his, favorite band. After some argueing Lex traded it for some of Alice's homemade apple cider.


We met her with her sister Ellie, who was sick because she had got the virus. But the antidote saved Ellie’s life, and they both Alice and Ellie became Mallrats after this. Alice became Tai-San’s bodyguard since she was the one who saved Ellie because Tai-San was the only one who knew the formula of the antidote. Alice and Ellie moved to the Mall after this, and Alice and Tai-San became best friends. In the middle of series 2 Alice went to the farm because she had a fight with Lex. She went into the barn and kicked a pole, which held the attic up. The pole broke, and lots of heavy things fell down on Alice. Lex came to the farm to apologize to Alice and found her in the barn. She couldn’t feel her legs and was scared. Lex saved her, and this became the first time Alice and Lex kissed. But it turned out that Lex hadn’t the same feelings for Alice, that Alice had for Lex because Lex slept with Alice’s best friend, Tai-San. Alice got heartbroken because of this. When Alice was on her way back to the farm, she got caught by Ebony’s militia because she hit one of Ebony’s men. But Ebony let Alice become a member of her militia. Alice went back to the Mallrats to see Lex and Tai-San and Ryan and Salene get married, and then returned to Ebony’s place again. But The Chosen had taken Ebony’s militia as prisoners and she got captured too. Ebony managed to rescue her, and Alice ran back to the Mall warning everybody that The Chosen were coming. Most of The Mallrats, including Alice got caught by them. Only Ryan, Bray, Lex and Jack managed to get away. In the end of series 2, the Mallrats got rescued by them, and all of The Mallrats went after The Chosen to defeat them by the beach. But The Chosen were too many and Alice and the other Mallrats got caught again. The only one who didn’t was Ebony, and Lex and Bray crashed in a small car and laid there unconscious…


Alice moves into the Mall looking practical and dependable but she likes to make an effort. She has a grey long-sleeved top to start with and then adds a long black waistcoat-cum-jacket with a furry collar, she then finishes with black trousers with some big black boots. Accessories are also Alice’s way of adding detail and femininity to things; we see dark green leather cuffs to match the rest of the outfit and also a pretty black, beaded drape necklace. Alice’s hair is lovely yet dramatic; long gorgeous red curls that don’t need too much decoration to look spectacular. At this point she ties various parts back into tow loose bunchies on either side of her head. She does however decorate it with natural things such as feathers- notable were small peacock ones.
Alice’s war paint when she storms into the Mall was just mud spread on to her face with her bare hands. Alice's makeup afterwards is a dusting of orange powder on her temples and also on the right side of her forehead where it is completed with a thick gold stripe. This is also the makeup Ellie wears at this point as a sign on unified sisterhood in their new home.

Alice soons changes this as she settles into the Mall. The colors become much more bold with a bright red short top with long hooked sleeves made out of stripy lace material- over this is a Lizard Corset that is bright green patterned with a darker green. Over this she has a black band of leather around the bust area for extra decoration and stability. The outfit is completed with a long navy skirt and black pants with black boots with red bits on, accessorised with a metal and green necklace.
Her hair becomes bigger and more structured: she has a row of mini-knots along her crown whilst the hair at the back is teased to give it more height. She stays with her feathers- large red and white ones in the back complete a more complicated yet stylish look.
For makeup she uses more eye shadow and lipstick; a deep red lippy and blended pink-to-blue eye shadow. For tribal design Alice has two gold, diagonal stripes on each side with a white and gold one on the left side of her forehead.

end S2/S3
After the heartbreak of Lex and Tai-San’s wedding Alice loses the brighter colours. She stays with green: a long green skirt and a long-sleeved matching top begins it. Over this there is a black lace-up leather corset with yellow piping and black circle buckles for detail. The black boots remain and she adds an orangey/gold necklace.
Her hair does remain more structured- it is piled up in an arrangement on her head and is now straighten. Gold streak and silver and gold feathers add decoration. Later in S3 this goes back to curly and winds some coppery-gold glitter wire around the top.
For makeup Alice keeps with her colour scheme; the eye shadow is gold blended to green and she has gold lipstick. At the end of S2 she has two gold triangles around her eyes (top left, bottom right), but this changes in S3 to the rebels stripe on her cheek and a red forehead design that consists of a red semi-circular line crossing a straight one. She’s also one of the first to immediately adopt the rebels’ stripe on her right cheek…

What with the new man, in the form of Ned, Alice’s outfit becomes a bit more girly. She starts with a deep bluey-green off-the-shoulder top that is layered under a black corset-style top with two large black leather straps, with a bluey-green inset in the front, her long black skirt follows the same pattern. Alice also continues to accessorise with a black leather chocker that has large decorated silver piece set in it and a black leather cuff with a silver tiger design on it, and of course that ring.
Alice’s hair continues in it’s romantic tumbling curls, at first she arranges some of them loosely at the top and puts in some sticks in it which are about 6 inches long with some orange balls on the end. This doesn’t last long and instead some dark red feathers are added to the sides.
Her makeup then becomes very subdued and minimalist- she has a thin dark red line under her left eye and a very small green swirl next to it. The look is completed with the rebels’ stripe, mid-brown lipstick and neutral eyes- until the real war paint comes back.

Shockingly, Alice appears again as a prisoner at the end of S5- yet she doesn’t appear to have changed much. She does have a new outfit, it’s not much different to her old one but still classically Alice. She has a long black skirt and trousers combo and also a new black matte leather corset with large metal buckle details on the front. However, under this she has a black longsleeve top with great cut-out detailing on the shoulders outlined with red for a bit of colour. Completed with a large black leather wristcuff.
Her hair is piled up on top of her head in a slightly haphazard way and there are a few orange streaks in it for decoration. However makeup is gone but she still has her war paint.

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