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Portrayed by Beth Allen

1, 3-5
First appearance:
Last appearance:
14 (1st Season)

Amber is the one with all the motherly instincts in The Tribe. She was one of the first Mallrats and run for leader. Most people, especially the younger children, look up to her as a motherly figure. When the virus came along again she was one of the ones who went to the laboratory on the Island and she was the one who calmed Dal down. She then went to Eagle Mountain with the rest of the MallRats but there was an explosion in which everyone thought she had died. A while later Bray, Dal, Lex, and Ebony found her again as Eagle - leader of the Gaians or the Eco-Tribe as they are better known. After a misunderstanding and a lot of persuading by Bray she decided to come back to the city and be the leader of the Mall Rats.

She is very intelligent and clever. Even in the worst of times Amber came through for the Tribe,Amber has always looked toward making the world they live in a better place. In season one she was leader with Bray and Lex. Amber's only weakness seems to be her love life. When her loves don't turn out as planned she was known to lose all her cool and become a pineing little child. But once she overcomes this by getting together with the next dude, she is restored. Amber's first love was Sasha. Sasha was a travleing one man band who had no roots anywhere, and never stayed in one place too long. Amber first met Sasha when Amber lost a bet with Ebony and became a slave at the trible gathering with Dal and Sasha. They soon fell in love after they were freed and ruturned to the mall. But there relasonship came to an end when Sasha wanted to leave and travel. Amber was going to leave with him but couldn't leave the Mall Rats. Amber then fell in love with Bray. They finally got together after they returned from Hope Island, with what they hoped was the antidote and disks with information about the virus. But they were not together long because of an attack on the mall by Tribe Circus. The Locos came to save them after Lex told Ebony about the antidote. Not only did Ebony take the antidote but she took Bray also. While Bray was prisoner of the Locos, Amber got the wrong idea about Bray and Ebony but he and Amber made up just before a tragic explosion at Eagle Mountain where, thanks to Eboney's lies, everyone thought Amber was dead. Amber was gone all of Series 2, thought to be dead by the Mall Rats, but was really with a tribe called the Gaians. Amber was told by Ebony that Bray and her had had a child and showed Amber a picture of them holding a baby. Amber foolishly belived her and faked her own death with the help of Ebony. Amber became the Gaians leader and changed her name to Eagle. Bray, Dal, Lex, and Ebony found Amber again after they escaped The Chosen and were brought to the Gaian camp by Pride, Amber's boyfriend. Amber and The Gaians agreed to help the Mall Rats fight The Chosen. Soon after they agreed to help Amber and Bray got back together and was last seen giving bitrth to Bray's child.


Amber arrived with a basic and functional outfit that effectively showed off her personality. She wore big black boots, a long black coat, dark denim pants and dark brown waistcoat said ‘don’t mess’. She also had ear cuffs, a belt belt with gold buckle, a blue perspex, and metal pendant.
Her hair has hardly changed since this time. The roots are dramatic dark brown compared to the pale yellow blonde and her hair is extremely practical yet looks fantastic, also in ep1 she even had a blue feather in one knot.
The makeup had the same impact: the black eyes with drawn on eyelashes for added effect, that bright red blusher all along her cheeks right up to the temples, alongside her matching lipstick and the green diagonal line she shared with Dal. These colours would often change to green with a red line or even yellow and black. Plus she is the only person ever to make a chin decoration look half-decent with a simple plain red line.

Amber later changed to a dark green leather top and matching pants with a peace pendant around her neck.
Her hair stayed mostly the same however she had the knots unwound on rare occasions for a crinkly effect.
Makeup wise she got more relaxed- the black eyes were replaced with tri-eyeshaddow in red and white and the blusher went, also she goes to a simple shimmery lipstick.
She also started sharing forehead symbols and similar with the Mall Rats as a sign of unity for a less hostile effect.

When Amber returned there were gasps from everyone; not only because she was alive but also because of her amazing Eagle outfit. The blue feather dress was a triumph- whilst the shoulder-piece and skirt were only there for show the blue snakeskin bodice, matching grey trousers and boots were still very Amber as she charged off with the Gaians to tackle The Chosen.
Amber’s hair remamnd mostly the same, the knots were just now fake since Beth Allen had cut her hair, but they also have a looser more natural look to them and were less bleached. The addition of blue feathers gave effect to the Eagle look.
Amber’s makeup bore the symbols of the Gaians with the leaf design up the right side of her face, little red arrowhead under the right eye and the two blue stripes on the left cheek. Amber also couldn’t give up on her detailed eye makeup: here she has pale blue shadow with a line of dark blue eyeliner across the lid and extending out to her temples. This eventually changed to lots of bright green shadow spilling over the whole eye area later in the series.

Amber later got a completely new outfit. Orginaly for a celebration party that never got held. This was an outfit in the style we’d rarely seen on Amber, a skirt. In the style that May later adopted it was a skirt that was long at the back and shorter at the front made out of blue and orange material, a matching orange top with a black fishnet vest over it, great royal blue arm warmers, metal armbands with a matching choker. This outfit that wasn't used long.

Once Amber returned to the Mall (yet again) she decided she needed a maternity outfit; this came in the style of red leather shorts, a purple top with a stretchy pink snakeskin one underneath with room for that rapidly expanding bump. Also she returned to her black boots with a huge wedge heel.
The zulu knots were altered slightly as well, ringlets were coming out of each knot. Makeup suddenly became simple- more neutral lipstick, pinky eye shadow and a small symbol (a geometric line design on her left temple) shared with Bray.

Now whilst Amber looks fine in this ensemble it’s not especially fantastic- she has a cool halter style-top with an abstract purple swirl pattern on it and then a bright pinky-red skirt with matching pants combo that seems a bit odd. However the outfit is accessorised quite well with an orange and white Perspex necklace, a yellow plastic cuff with matching belt and a cool clear cuff with studs set in it.
Her knots became even looser, whilst the bleach grew out considerably and her natural colored could be seen createing a two-tone effect to them.
But her makeup skills have not been altered. We first gaze in wonder at the fact that she can carry off orange eye shadow and matching lipstick. She then goes for detail in her eye makeup with the addition of purple eyeliner; done in two flicks on the lower rims. Finally she goes for some bold facial decoration with three orange (edged with purple) lines on her right temple/cheek and on her left a larger design that looks like a cross between a ‘K’ shape and a chinese symbol in matching colours.

When Amber made her return we also saw another brand-new outfit combining Gaian nature themes with the classic city Amber. The main focus of this outfit is on her top; it’s made of some turquoise leather, laced up at the back, with an asymmetric neckline trimmed with really cute little peacock feathers. There’s strap and buckle detail at the bottom with a triangular cut out. She then goes back to classic 3/4 length leather pants, these are dark brown with a diagonal strip of fur along the bottom, and also has some brown suedey boots. She accessorises with a large crescent-shaped necklace with of red and turquoise stones and a large feather laid within.
Her hair changes (within reason) to smaller, neater knots- the two-tone affair continues with it looking as if her hair was heavily streaked with bleach to create these more expertly done knots.
Makeup sees no radical changes; the eye shadow and lipstick change to a more neutral brown whilst the eyelash detail is now smaller and done in blue. The Chinese/K design remains but the orange is replaced with olive green for a slightly more natural look. On her left cheek is the new Gaian symbol of a bright green handprint with a swirl on the palm. However, Amber also ventures into body art for the first time with a brown eagle print on her left arm and a green leaf design band on her right.


  • Her favorite color is black
  • Her best school subjects were English and Politics

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