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Andy joins the Mallrats in Series 3. His older brother is Ned and Tally is his twin sister. Ned soon fell for Alice, but was sadly killed by the Guardian. Andy had always been against the Chosen, but this was the icing on the cake. He was distraught by his brother's death, and was captured by the Technos in Series 4.

Andy's always been a schemer, and has KC to thank for broadening his skills. Around the mall, he was known as a mischevious prankster who was blamed nearly everytime something went missing, along with KC and Tally.


Andy’s colour scheme appears to have taken reds and browns, which compliment his hair and add some brightness. He starts with short red boots but then has a pair of beige coloured jeans that appear to have been cut off at the knee and then re-attached with straps of red material. He has a plain red top with one black stripe across it, but the look is completed with a beige coloured jacket with a detailed drawing on the back of what looks like an eye and swirly design in greeny-blue and black.
His hair is the same darkish red of his sister and brother and is swept back with a spiky cut and slightly ruffled. With makeup he takes his lead from his older brother- a large design on the right cheek; red and purple graffiti-style circular drawing filled in with silver for a bold, brash effect.

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