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Antonia Mary Prebble (born on June 6, 1984 in Wellington) is a New Zealand actress most famous for her role as Trudy in the teen-drama The Tribe. She became interested in acting at an early age, starring in the stage play The Magical Kingdom of Thingymijig in 1993.

Throughout the late 1990's Antonia started to work a lot with New Zealand children's TV production companies, having starring and guest roles in several programmes. Two of her larger roles include that of Mandy McFarlane in Mirror Mirror 2 in 1997 and as Trudy in five series' of The Tribe from 1999 to 2003. She has also guest starred in two episodes of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder as Krista, along side two of her fellow cast members from The Tribe. In 2006 she began her role in Power Rangers: Mystic Force as Clare, Udonna's apprentice and the Gatekeeper.

In 2005 she went on to win a place in the main cast of the new New Zealand comedy-drama Outrageous Fortune, where she played 15-year-old movie buff Loretta West.

Antonia is also a television presenter, having hosted New Zealand's WNTV (What Now Television) from 2002 to 2003.

In her family, Antonia is the middle of three children, having an older sister and younger brother. Her father is John Prebble, a British born Barrister and Solicitor, who is a law professor at Victoria University in Wellington. Her mother is Nicola Mary Riddiford. Her uncle Richard Prebble is a former politician and her other uncle Mark Prebble is head of the State Services Commission.

In 2006 Antonia was noimated for Best Supporting Actress by the NZ Film & Television Awards.

Antonia is currently half-way through her Bachelor of Arts which she has put on hold while she is shooting Outrageous Fortune.



TV Work

  • "The Lost Children" (2005) .... Caterina
  • "Power Rangers: Mystic Force" (2006) TV Series .... Clare
  • "Power Rangers: S.P.D."
    • - Endings: Part 2 (2005) (voice) .... S.P.D. Nova Ranger
  • "Jandals Away" (2005) .... Principal
  • "Interrogation" (2005) .... Saskia
  • "Outrageous Fortune" (2005) TV Series .... Loretta West
  • "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder"
    • - Thunder Struck: Part 2 (2004) .... Krista
    • - The Passion of Conner (2004) .... Krista
  • "WNTV" (2001) TV Series .... Host (2002-2003)
  • "Dark Knight"
    • - Damned (2001) .... Ruth
  • "The Tribe" .... Trudy/Supreme Mother (Series 1-5)
  • "A Twist in the Tale"
    • - A Crack in Time (1999) .... Jem
  • "Mirror, Mirror II" (1997) .... Mandy McFarlane


  • Futile Attraction (2004) (special thanks)

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