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Atlantis High is a teen comedy TV show, shot in New Zealand in 2001.



The plot revolves around 16-year-old Giles Gordon (Michael Wesley-Smith), who has just moved to Sunset Cove, "a beautiful coastal surfing town where the sun is always shining, the people are all beautiful and everything is perfect... or so it seems." He enrolls in Atlantis High School, where he soon discovers that Sunset Cove is unlike any town he's ever seen: populated by double-agents, aliens and high school students with blue hair and pointy ears, its inhabitants are eccentric lunatics who at times turn into superheroes or other whimsical figures.

Visually colorful and daring, Atlantis High both parodies soap operas and pays homage to spoof television.


Antony & Antonia (Victoria Spence)
Beanie Weanie (Todd Emerson)
Coach Shane (Richard Lambeth)
Commander Vermont (Ray Henwood)
Dorothy Gordon (Joanne Mildenhall)
Giles Gordon (Michael Wesley-Smith)
Grandpa Gordon (Martyn Sanderson)
Jet Marigold (Laura Wilson)
Josh Montana (Lee Donaghue)
Kissinger (Rascal)
Lew Siffer (Tom McCrory)
Mr Dorsey (Ken Blackburn)
Mrs Vermont (Jane Waddell)
Octavia Vermont (Elizabeth McGlinn)
Q (Brian Sergent)
Sabrina Georgia (Loren Horsley)
Sophie May (Lucy Gamble)
Violet Profusion (Robyn Malcolm)
Vita (Miriama Smith)
Nebula Lyndee (Jane Rutherford)
Vortex (Sam Husson)
Xeron (Des Morgan)


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