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Baby Bray is the son of Amber and Bray. He was born early in Series 4 at the same time when the Techno-invasion began. Amber previously had gone through some pretty hard ordeals (she was kidnapped) and this contaminated her pregnancy- the labour started before the right time. It was a shock, of course and then Amber had to deal with the fact that Bray had dissapeared. Yet she was happy to have her son in her arms. Still,she finds it really hard to be a single mum and the death of Bray is still very much in her mind. But she has learnt that baby Bray is a part of her lost love and that Bray himself would want her to carry on and bring up their son in a safe and loving environment. She gets much joy from looking into her son’s eyes and watching him develop although she worries about the safety of her son in this uncertain world. Baby Bray will never know the security and stability that comes with having generations of people around who would share their life and their history. Bray has a blonde mohawk of hair and innocent looks, he behaves himself well. He is dressed stylishly and Amber makes sure that he is always dressed for the weather.


Baby Bray first style came after Amber was able to make it to the Eco Camp. The main feature of his outfit is his furry jacket, striped forest and lime green. Completed with a grey babygrow and bright green booties.
He’s obviously too young for Tribal markings but manages to do something stylish with his bit of blonde hair- which ends up styled into a little mohawk.

Later in S5 it’s time for Bray to get out of his eco look and experiment. This manifests itself into a brightly patterned romper-suit that is predominantly orange, thus matching his mother’s style, but also has shades of white, grey and sky blue in it to keep things nice and varied for him.

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