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Charlie was found wandering the city streets with his younger sister, Mouse, in Series 4 by Salene. He was more or less forced into the mall, and refused to talk or eat in the presence of the Mallrats. The first word he spoke, "Eat", stopped Ellie from comitting suicide. He and Mouse were often blamed for missing food, and got into severe trouble when they wrecked Lex's memorial shrine for Tai-San.

Charlie is quiet, and mischevious. He cares deeply for his only sister, Mouse, and would never let harm come to her.


One of the strangely designed aspects of Charlie’s outfit is that of his trousers; they’re a practical style in a beige colour yet have two bright orange patches on the back and a similar large patch on the front at the top thus giving the impression of shorts over the trousers. Such experimentation is continued with his shirt that is decorated with angular shapes of blue and random bits of what looks like the American flag, over which he wears blue braces joined together at the front.
His thick brown hair is basically cut all the way round as if someone in a hurry did it and he has a few random blonde bits and wispy feathers for detail.
Makeup remains simple and sticks with Mouse’s design for solidarity. Consequently he has the facial finger-paint styling of the two orange lines on the right cheek and one on the left, the yellow line down the nose completes the look.

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