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The Chosen is a less like a tribe, and more of a religious cult of Zoot worshippers.


The Chosen is led by their leader Jaffa, whom they refer to as The Guardian. Trudy was a high-ranking member of The Chosen as "Supreme Mother" till she was replaced by Tai-san.


The Guardian's second-in-command is blue-haired Luke. Salene, Patsy, Cloe, May, Cain, Wolf, Tai-san, and Cole

Beliefs/Way of Life

They have a very well-organized belief structure. First off, they worship their god, Zoot. Zoot was the leader of the city's most fearful tribe, the Locos before he was made a martyr at the beginning of Series 1.

Zoot's Sacred Triangle

According to the Chosen the three corners of their sacred triangle are:

  • Zoot
  • The Supreme Mother, orginaly later replaced by Tai-san
  • The Divine Child Brady

Zoot’s Wishes

According to the Chosen Zoot's wishes are:

  • To live on in his followers.
  • To destroy his enemies.
  • To spread power and chaos.
  • To save us from tommorow.


Most members have thre white dots in a vertical line on forehead. Some members have blue hair and lots of the girls wear braids in their hair. Chosen members have different styles based on their level in the Chosen. Yellow coats are worn by the novices of the Chosen, where all other worshipers where blue robes with hoods. The Praettorian Guards wear blue helmets and football pads. The Guardian wore a white robe with a hood but it soon changed to a white leather outfit. Lietenaint Luke wore a very light blue robe similar to The Guardian's first robe. Trudy often wore gold or a blue and white kimono during her reign as Supreme Mother.


The Chosen first appeared in the beginning of Series 2. They were quite a mysterious tribe, and their presence was made public after a member kidnapped Brady. Soon, they took the city hostage and starved the tribes until they declared that Zoot was their Savior. Several people began to believe their propaganda, and the cult grew larger. The Chosen was brought down when Bray, dressed up as Zoot, which drove the Guardian insane. Luke reunnounced his beliefs and became a Mallrat. Both Luke and the Guardian disappeared when the Technos took over the city.

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