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Portrayed by Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu

First appearance:
Last appearance:
10 (1st season)

Cloe has been in the Tribe since Series 1. She left for a period but returned at the end of Series 3. She has always been seen as one of the children in the Mall and many people talk down to her. At the moment she is seeing Ved and although she used him to get the password for CityNet she still really likes him and was heartbroken when he dumped her when she thought she was pregnant. She got hooked on reality space and has been missing ever since.


In S1 Cloe was the picture of a lost little orphan child; she wears a knee-length navy dress with a basic red and white pattern and a red and navy flannel shirt over it. For most of the time she wears her short red jacket with this. She has wears black shoes with red and black socks. Later she changes navy flared pants under.
Cloe's mid-brown hair is chin-length but has various wispy strands of shoulder-length hair all the way around. Random things such as wispy feathers and straw seem to appear in it now and again.
Makeup for younger children in S1 is pretty much non-existent, apart from the very basic one-line drawings Cloe like everyone else she doesn't have much.

late S1/early S2
Cloe keeps her navy pants and black shoes and wears a red/orange/yellow tied-dyed t-shirt for a while, and a yellowy sarong style skirt for a short time. She moves to an orange vest-top with a black and white decoration of swirls, vines and leaves.
She hair gets cut one length and she usually puts some of it in one bunchie on top of her head.
Cloe moves on to the larger Mall Rat designs on the forehead, cheek, temples etc.

However, S2 is where Cloe, along with Patsy, discover style, big time. She ditches her orange top and changes to a navy sleeveless one with a panel of blue material across the middle with a triangles design on it (if you look carefully you’ll see it’s the same material as Jack’s shirt at this time). She has denim leggin-type pants and a short orange frayed skirt over it. She also accessories with a green grass-like necklace that is later replaced with a shell one and made out of a large tulip style flower.
Cloe finally adds some colour to her hair and adds some green streaks. She puts her hair into two loose knots on either side of her head.
Cloe's make-up for this time begins with a colour scheme of black and green. Black and green double effect eyeliner and then a large zigzag design across her forehead and right cheek finished off with green lipstick.

After he wedding and getting Patsy back as a best friend Cloe goes for her new outfit and has a orange, yellow and brown patched waistcoat that zips up the front and has a furry collar and a furry brown circle in the middle. The detailed top is balanced with dark brown pants, black boots and her shell necklace.
Cloe changes her hair to an orange ponytail, she holds it up with an ornate wood and gold hair pins.
Her makeup becomes less abstract; she has large green eye shadow that on the right eye is extended with a triangle on the top and bottom to an angle. A berry red lipgloss finishes her look.

Cloe marches back from the mines looking with a new look. She has a green mesh top with a slash neck and a yellow top covered in vertical silver zips over it. When she first comes back she has a pair of lilac shorts but this get's replaced with black combats with white edging, a shell bracelet, wire necklace and oxblood knee-high riding-style boots complete the look.
Her hair also returns with a lime green dip to it but this again changes back to the green streaks. She holds her hair up in two loose knots and adds two red chopsticks to each.
Makeup also becomes a bit more mature, the double effect green/black eyeliner returns and she doesn’t seem to be able to decide between green or purple lipgloss. For face design she draws two cool blue horizontal squiggles on each cheekbone, sometimes highlighted of pink.

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