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This article contains brief descriptions of core characters of the The Tribe. To find out more about the character see individual entries.


Major Characters

Alice (Vanessa Stacey)

Alice is the de facto leader of the "Farm Girls," who supply the City with fresh produce. Eventually, Alice and her sister, Ellie, leave the Farm and live in the Mall where Alice is Tai-San's body guard. As an older sister, Alice is fiercely protective of Ellie. She is fun loving and can be rowdy but deep down she is kind and sensitive and has wisdom, which she offers Ellie and others who need help. Angry at injustice, Alice has a hot temper. She is a formidable foe but a fantastic friend.

Amber/Eagle (Beth Allen)

A strong-minded, beautiful 14-year-old, Amber is the driving force behind the unity and strength of her tribe, the Mallrats. She has natural leadership qualities, and quickly gets accepted as a surrogate mother and leader by the other kids. Her idealistic beliefs and attitude make her seem a bit naïve sometimes, yet she is practical enough to be capable of managing the complicated everyday life of her tribe and sensitive enough to comfort fellow tribemembers in need.

Andy (James Ordish)

Andy is Ned's younger brother and Tally's twin. Andy is quite an entrepreneur - he is always looking out for a good deal or to make a profit, even if this is by tricking someone in a scam. Andy deep down is good and cares for Ned and Tally - and will do what he can to try to make the New World order a good one.

Brady (Beanie Palmer, Kiriana Chase, Story Rose, Eva Rose, Ariel Garland, Georgia Taylor-Woods)

Brady is the daughter of Trudy and Zoot, although Trudy allowed people to assume in Series 1 that Bray was the father. She did this partly to protect Brady from her violent father, and partly to tie Bray to her in the eyes of the other members of the Mallrats. Later, in Series 3, Brady was taken by the Chosen and revered as the "Divine Child" of Zoot.

Bray (Dwayne Cameron)

A handsome, confidently cool, enigmatic young man. A natural loner, content with his own company, Bray is an experienced eco-warrior and activist. He distrusts all leaders and initially refused to assume his natural role within the group. On the surface very sure of himself, inside he's a turmoil of emtions about his suspicion among the others. Tall, well built, Bray can handle himself, but whether he could match the manic ferocity of his rival, Lex, is in doubt.

Bray jr. (Lucas Hill (s4) Adam Sandej (s5))

The son of Amber and Bray, Bray jr. (also called Baby Bray) spends his first year living in the woods with the Gaians. After Amber returns to the city, they live in the Mall.

Charlie (Charley Murphy Samau)

For such a young boy, Charlie has been through a great deal since the virus. The traumas he has experienced have left him scarred and taught him and his sister, Mouse, how to survive at all costs. They share a very close bond and Charlie is protective of Mouse. Charlie distrusts strangers and it will take time for him to feel safe and accept others. Charlie is genuine - what you see is what you get - and enjoys light-hearted mischief-making; even if the receivers of this aren't as appreciative!

Cloe (Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu)

Cloe was Patsy's best friend until Series 2 when she became jealous of Trudy's interest in Patsy. Cloe was the one who accused Trudy of being a traitor, and in doing so sabotaged her relationship with Patsy, and when Patsy was manipulated into becoming an initiate for the Chosen, Cloe stopped being friends with her. In Season Three she was spying for Alice and Ellie (so was Patsy) but got caught and with a simple deus ex machina was sent to the mines. In Season Three she was released from the mines and made her way back to the city, a rebellious and stubborn teenager. On here way back she ran in to Jack, that just came from the mall, with a crushed hart, but Cloe made him change his mind and made him go back to the mall.

Dal (Ashwath Sundaresan)

Dal describes himself as a mix between a doctor and a mechanic. Dal and Amber are friends who help to create the Mall Rats. He works along side Jack to create inventions such as the turbine which helps the tribe. Dal always wanted to live in the country with a piece of land to call his own, but the Mall Rats are his family and he decides to stay with them. In Series 2 Dal falls for Ellie, who is with Jack, and this creates a rift between the two friends. However Dal spends most of his time at the farm, working and doing what he loves.

Danni (Ella Wilks)

Danni and Bray meet after the tragedy at Eagle Mountain. Bray invites Danni to the Mall and, although she is never officially voted in, she becomes part of the Mall Rats. Danni wants to distribute the newly found antidote amongst the city and she want's to bring peace and order to the tribe.

Darryl (Joseph Crawford)

Darryl worked in the cassino and was found by Mega. Mega then used him as a Zoot impersonator, seeing as Darryl bares a striking rezemblence to the man himself. Afrter using both Darryl and the hollograms to scare most of the people into submission Mega ended up throwing Darryl out like yesterday's trash.

Dee (Kelly Stevenson)

Dee is originally part of the Mozzies, though we only see her at the beginning of Series 4, when she takes the place of Moz as spokeswoman for that tribe. With her bright pink hair and English accent, she stands out from the other characters. She challenges the invading Technos, and her tribe is taken away. Rescued by Jack and Ellie, Dee stays with the Mallrats and becomes Lex's assistant sheriff, as the Mozzies were working with him before they were taken away.

Ebony (Meryl Cassie)

Conniving and brutal, Ebony is the most ruthless of characters and the least likely to show kindness. She is inwardly consumed by power - the only kind of security she knows - and stops at nothing to acquire it. Only out for herself, she is willing to hurt, even to murder, people who stand in her way. Aware of her fine looks and feminine charms, she understands the game of seduction and allure and uses it to her advantage. Terrified of showing weakness or losing control, Ebony has built a wall of confidence, cruelty and constraint around her that hides her deep-seated fears and insecurities. Struggling to open up to anyone, Ebony claims that friendship is "for losers" and "dead". She feels - usually due to skewed perceptions, but sometimes justifiably - that everyone she has ever trusted has abandoned or betrayed her. Ebony is exceptionally calculating and cunning, and puts her cleverness to good use. A perfect actress, she loves to manipulate - an exercise of power and control. There's always an intrigue she's working on or a hidden agenda that needs pondering. She is nimble and knows the city and its people well. Although a despotic at times, she has excellent leader skills and can convince anyone with her rousing speeches. Her tone is often sarcastic and subtly insulting, but she can also be aggressively blunt.

Ellie (Jennyfer Jewel)

Ellie is Alice's younger sister, an original member of the Farmgirls who preferred life to the City than on a smelly farm. She contracted the virus when she went to the City, got sick, and the storyline led to her and Alice moving into the Mall. Pretty, innocent and guiless, Ellie is naive, emotional and falls in love with Jack, the resident computer nerd.

Gel (Vicky Rodewyk)

Gel's life motto is "Girls just wanna have fun". Utterly unconcerned with the political ongoings and power struggles around her, her life revolves around such trivial matters as fashion and gossiping about possible love affairs. Thoughtless and often insensitive, the other characters have little patience with her, and find her both annoying and childish.

Gel is a born follower, who has never truly learned to take care of herself. She constantly needs somebody to remind her of her duties and to look after her so she doesn't get into scrapes.

The Guardian/Jaffa (Damon Andrews)

The Guardian is the misguided dictator tyrant fanatical zealot of the Chosen who, due to Tai-Sans feminine charms, goes insane and is defeated. A fanatic genius or a madman? Or both? Devoted to Zoot and making real the philosophy of "power and chaos" the Guardian is adored by the Chosen but feared by his enemies and the rest of the city.

Jack (Michael Wesley-Smith)

Jack is the original "owner of the mall" his dad taught him to survive and that the mall was the plase he should go when he (Jack's dad) was gone.

Jack is a somewhat cocky geek, who fully commits himself to finding solutions for the Mallrats’ lack of fresh water and electricity. He forges a strong friendship with Dal, who helps him construct a basic power generator to recharge batteries as well as water pipes from the roof tank directly into the Mall. He believes devoutly and staunchly that science is the only solution to their problems, and frequently gets into arguments about the futility of ‘spiritual guidance’ with the other Mall Rats, particularly Tai-San. Although his abilities are highly valued within the group, Jack’s sarcastic, wry sense of humour and enthusiasm about scientific matters seems, while not exactly off-putting, rather peculiar to the Mall Rats. He stays an outsider, usually opting to work on his inventions rather than to socialize with fellow tribemembers.

Java (Megan Alatini)

One of Ram's "girls", Java exercises great influence within the Technos. She is loyal and protective of Ram, appreciating all he has done for her. Java is also respected on her own merits - she has excellent computer skills but is mostly admired (and feared) as a ruthless warrior with great fighting skills.

Jay (James Napier)

Jay is RAM's general in the Technos and is renowned and respected for his brilliant strategies and practical thinking.

He supervises all security matters for the Technos and ground operations in the city.

Jay hopes the Technos can use their technical expertise and skills to build a better world and his relationship with RAM is sometimes marked with tension as Jay senses RAM's ultimate vision may be different to his own.

KC (Ari Boyland)

When KC comes to the Mall, he is a little boy, not knowing, what to do with his life. He is quite getting friends with Lex, who gives him the feeling, that he is also a good fighter an it seems, that KC starts having Lex as an elder brother. KC cannot read and just as Lex he refuses to do housework or learn something.

Lex (Caleb Ross)

An arrogant, tough streetfighter, Lex is a seemingly heartless character. He bullies anyone younger or weaker than him, and is not disinclined to use physical force to get what he wants. Very kitu CRM iereually driven, he seems to have an insatiable appetite for, as Ebony snarkily states, “everything female with a pulse”. At the age of 17, he has married and has lost both his wife and unborn baby to an explosion.

Despite his macho attitude, he has, locked away and safely guarded, many insecurities that stem both from his background and his lack of education – he is illiterate, and never exceeds an elementary reading level even though he tries to improve his skills more than once.

Lex always seeks profit for himself, even if it means betraying his tribe. It is not surprising then that he never fully earns the trust of the Mall Rats. He is frequently condescending to his one loyal friend, Ryan, and treats his girlfriends badly, cheating on them. However, he has also saved the Mall Rats’ lives on more than one occasion and has been a key figure in both resistance movements (S3 and S5). Protective of those he loves, he is usually willing to fight and stand up for his tribe. A deeply flawed, and at times even abhorrent, character, he nevertheless somehow manages to end up someplace good with his charm, street-wisdom and, every once in a while, the decision to do something not only for his own sake.

Lottie (Beth Chote)

Young girl, a thief, who stole from people in Ruby's Saloon. She later joined the Mallrats. Before becoming a regular, she was a stray who appeared in the school which Ebony, Java and Siva took over.

Luke (Jacob Tomuri)

On the outside, Luke is the Guardian's deputy - it is he who disciplines the Chosen and carries out the Guardian's orders.

May (Laura Wilson)

May first gets a Mall Rat, when she has lost everything on the street. Later, she is quite getting well with the Chosen and she persuades Salene to join them, too. At first her reason is, that Salenes child will live in a better world then, but more and more, May gets a persuaded Chosen and Salene watches this with horror.

Mega (Calen Maiava Paris)

At the beginning of his appearances in the series, Mega is just an ordinary Techno, who is quite clever and knows a lot about computers. When Ram disappears, he makes himself the leader of the Technos and creates a picture of Zoot, so that the people in the city get influenced by the technology.

Mouse (Jacinta Wawatei)

Mouse was sick when Salene found her on her return to the Mall. Sister to Charlie, this cute thing really does speak her mind! She joined the Mall Rats, but had a bit of a hard time in Series 5 and decided to go away to the countryside to join the Gaians/Ecos.

Ned (Bevin Linkhorn)

Larger than life, Ned is intelligent and possesses a sharp wit which can make others laugh - or cry out in anger if Ned irritates them (which he often does). Stubborn and headstrong, Ned will seldom back down and always wants his way. Ned has a softer side beneath the rough exterior however - he cares deeply for his younger siblings, Tally and Andy, and is a romantic of sorts.

Patch (Morgan Palmer Hubbard)

A friend to Pride, he falls in love with Dee. He helps Amber to get in to the Citynet, after the Techno took his two little brothers.

Patsy (Sarah Major)

Her best friend was Cloe until Patsy got to good friend with Trudy. Cloe was jealous and Patsy and Cloe started arguing. In the start of The Tribe Patsy had a brother named Paul. He was deaf and disappeared. Together they had the dog Bob. Bob died in Season 2. After Bobs death Cloe and Patsy found a new dog they named Cloudy.

Paul (Zachary Best)

Profoundly deaf, Paul signs to communicate. He has an increased awareness of vibes around him, which others can often miss. Though his disability can tend to isolate him, Paul's ability to cope is often inspirational. He shares a strong sense of mischief with his sister.

Pride (Nick Miller)

A prominent member of the "eco-tribe", Pride is shy, reserved and polite. He lives by a code of conduct, means no harm to others and has an affinity with nature. But if necessary Pride will take action and be forthright without hesitation to defend what he feels is right. Is his future in the city or back in the countryside? He has deep feelings for Amber - but might he settle down with someone else?

Ram (Tom Hern)

Eccentric and brilliant in equal measure - Ram is the undisputed leader of the Technos. A childhood prodigy, everyone recognises Ram as a visionary and genius - none more than himself. With his disability he faces challenges and he is also a hypochondriac, a little paranoid, and has an explosive temper but his followers believe these are outweighed by his mathematical, technical and computer skills.

He is ruthless but rewards loyalty and performance. Ram has a dream which he is determined to realise - but will it turn into a nightmare for everyone else?

Ruby (Fleur Saville)

Ruby runs the Saloon in Liberty. Ruby is independent, quick-witted, humorous, inventive, shrewd and resourceful. She has a whiplash turn of phrase that can cut any fool down to size. However if that doesn't work she's not afraid to back up an argument with her fist. Cross Ruby at your peril. She also has the tenacity of a terrier and a strong sense of "right". She loves language and her cryptic lateral thinking mind has developed a love for crossword puzzles.

Although Ruby is certainly resourceful and capable - for all that confidence she still has a vulnerability and is sensitive to other people's needs as well as to her own.

Ryan (Ryan Runciman)

Ryan is one of the first members of the Mall Rats, he gets there mith Zandra and Lex. He is always bullied around by Lex, but the shy guy also falls in love with Zandra, who finally tells him, that she will marry Lex.

Later on, he falls in love with Salene and when she is pregnant, she becomes a Chosen, while Ryan remains a Mall Rat. When he hears that he will never see his beloved child he gets furious and attacks the Guardian.

Salene (Victoria Spence)

At the beginning, Salene comes with Chloe, Patsy and Paul into the Mall. There, he falls in love with Bray, and they even kiss each other, but then, Bray finally decides for Amber. Salene finds love with Ryan and she gets pregnant. But it is a hard time - the Chosen rule the city and Salene is in fear, that she might loose her baby, because the Mall Rats gets very little to eat. That`s why she gets influenced by May and becomes a Chosen. Especially Alice is very angry about this and they have a fight, where Salene falls down the stairs and looses her baby. Meanwhile, Ryan is taken away.

Sammy (Lucas Hayward)

With the strange disappearance of Mouse's brother, Charlie, an older replacement comes in the form of Sammy. In many ways more of a child than Mouse, Sammy is not the greatest of influences on his young friend, except to the extent that he is loyal, and cares about her a great deal. Impressionable and easily manipulated, Sammy doesn't always think of the consequences of his actions, and often causes crises which never just involve him, but always envelop the whole group. He's always keen and eager to help people and likes to feel important.

Siva (Monique Cassie)

Like her sister, Java, Siva is betrothed as one of Ram's "girls" and carries considerable influence in the Technos. But unlike Java, Siva is not content with this - she fears RAM for his anger and jealousy and doesn't like being anybody's "property".

Siva is looking for genuine love with the guy of her dreams. But she is loyal to Ram for what he has done for her and will defend him. With good computer skills and hand-to-hand fighting, Siva often leads ground operations for the Technos.

Slade (Matt Robinson)

Slade is a new character in Season 5 who is a drifter and an opportunist and winds up in 'Liberty', the frontier-style town, fully intending to move on but getting increasingly caught up in events.

Slade is a 'Pale Rider' character. He's out for himself, and his motives are often ambiguous. But there's a basic decency there behind the gruff exterior, and he can occasionally surprise us with acts of tenderness. What's more he doesn't judge others, (except to know that they will also look out for number one, if they've any sense).

He is certainly not a 'baddie', he doesn't want to rule the world, but neither does he harbour any illusions about building a Utopia from the ashes of the adult world.

Tai-San (Michelle Ang)

The mystical, spiritual figure of the group. A practitioner of alternative healing, and a great story-teller and weaver of myths for The Tribe.

Tai-San can be somewhat aloof, very sure of her own beliefs in her own world. Her persuasive powers and zealous conviction in her own morality can be an irritant to some of the others, especially Amber who accuses her of meddling with others emotions.

Tally (Amelia Reynolds)

Ned's younger sister is her brother Andy's twin. Like Andy, Tally is very smart and quick to recognise any opportunities that might benefit her - especially from a financial perspective.

She looks up to KC and enjoys the art of the scam. Tally may seem shrewd and selfish but she can also be sensitive and sympathetic to others in need, and seeing this kind side of her often surprises others…

Trudy (Antonia Prebble)

Probably the character that changes the most during the five seasons, Trudy gets to experience a lot of difficult situations in her young life. She starts out as a needy, frightened 14-year-old teenager who’s in search of a secure place to deliver her baby. Unable to cope with the responsibility for her daughter and the drastically changed world around her, Trudy desperately tries to find love and a secure place for herself.

Ved (Dan Weekes-Hannah)

As younger brother to Jay, many think Ved has a lot to live up to - but he is determined to lead his own life and is very different to Jay. Unlike steady Jay, Ved is impulsive, headstrong, stubborn and unpredictable - this leads him into troubles at times.

He enjoys wielding power and female company but is dismissive of "virts" (non-Technos). Second only to Ram in computer skills and technical competence, Ved is inspired by Ram, who seems more of an influence and role model than Jay is for him. Ved is a rebel with a cause.

Zandra (Amy Morrison)

14-year-old Zandra epitomizes naivete and ditziness. In an attempt not to face up to the trauma of the extinction of adults, she immerses herself into a fantasy world full of fashion and make-up, an invented dimension where her biggest worry is the decision between cherry red or lilac nail polish. She is the embodiment of youth and teenagehood: fickle, thoughtless and self-absorbed. Often unintentionally amusing both to the characters around her and to the audience, Zandra isn’t always aware of the effect she has on other people. But essentially kind and well-meaning, she tries to look after the people she cares for.

Zoot / Martin (Daniel James)

Zoot was the leader of the Locos and Ebony's lover. He created his "Zoot" identity in the early days of the virus, when most of the children were still unsure of the new situation in which they found themselves. He held the city in thrall until he was accidentally killed by Lex partially through season one. Ebony then took over command of the Locos, but their power of the city was never the same.

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