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Dal is one of the original Mallrats from the first episode. His past before the virus includes his loving parents (his father was a doctor) and his best neighbor, Amber. He and Amber had planned to leave the city and start a farm until they saved Cloe, Patsy, and Paul from the Locos. Dal as a character is very trustworthy and noble. In Series 1 he gets medicine for Trudy and cares for her a lot. He has a dream of starting a farm one day. Dal is good with his hands and can do all sorts of carpentry and mechanic work.

His best friend is Jack (it all started with ketchup), although Jack takes all the credit for their inventions and often accuses Dal of flirting with his girlfriend. In Series 2 Dal is heartbroken by the death of Amber. He takes over the farm for Alice to fulfill his dream but he has difficulty leaving the mall completely behind him. It seems he had a bit of a romance with Jet, the leader of the Gulls but his true love was definately Ellie, Jack's girlfriend.



Before the virus Dal and Amber were neighbours, they went to the same school. Dal and Amber were always good friends despite the fact that Dal was a bit younger. Back then Dal wanted to be a doctor, like his parents. The virus cured him of that, seeing so many people around you die and there's no medicine to help. Dal and Amber left their homes, where they grew up had now become a waste land with the odd kid roaming around. They headed for the countryside to find a nice farm.


Dal died in a worthy cause trying to defeat the Chosen. Dal left the group to check things out and was chased by the chosen. He ran to the balcony and stopped to warn Amber and Bray that Trudy's kidnap was an ambush. Dal was cornered by the Chosen then tried to escape by climbing over the railing but fell, Amber found him barely alive, she was hysterical, he muttered a few words then died in her arms.


Dal wanders the streets with Amber in a dark greeny brown set of overalls and small black boots. When outside he has his yellow and red jacket and a woolly hat with earflaps.
Dal is one of those boys who seemed to do nothing with his hair after the virus so his dark brown curly hair stays short and is slightly ruffled with an unkempt look.
For makeup he matches Amber and then other Mallrats, so he has the various coloured lines and symbols as they do.

mid-S1/early S2
His overalls are replaced with dark blue pants and a royal blue baggy shirt with yellow, red, and white edging and a matching tee underneath.
His hair inevitably gets a bit longer and makeup stays with simple shared designs, especially with new best friend Jack.

This period sees many characters, especially the younger ones, going for some experimentation that rubs off on Dal. As he now wants to run the farm he begins to show a more rural style. He now has a linen dark red shirt and dark brown trousers.
For Dal’s hair it has now grown even longer and is very curl. He ventures into dye for the first time and adds a few subtle red stripes.
He also seems to no longer be content with copying other's style and goes for a design of his own: pale blue that shows up well against his skin tone and a swirl design on his right cheekbone and the left of his forehead that are connected by a line going across his face.

But when he really gets stuck at the farm he goes for light brown dungarees, with his old blue and yellow tee underneath, and his black boots.
His hair is also re-styled for the first time ever. The top remains curly but the sides and back are shaved short.
He tries again with makeup; he draws 3 vertical green lines on the left side of his face that get shorter in succession and are highlighted with yellow for an improved, nature based look.

end S2/S3
After wedding Dal get's a new look. He begins with some beige coloured trousers with a thick red stripe down the side of the each leg and then a long-sleeved black top with green and blue horizontal stripes across. He also spends a lot of time in his new red jacket that not only has black patches but also tartan ones on the sleeves, and he starts to wear a black beret.
Whilst he keeps his previous hairstyle, the curls on the top are cut shorter so the look is softened.
For makeup he paints a red and black design on his right cheek that is made up of angular lines all bending around each other in a triangular shape.


  • His last name is Majeeb and his father's name began with M. This is learned by reading the name plate when Dal vists his father's surgery in S1.

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