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Damon Andrews was born on the 28th October 1971.

Damon Andrews is a particularly well known actor, director and writer in the country of New Zealand and The UK. He directed episodes of the TV show The Tribe produced by Raymond Thompson of Cloud 9 and currently works as a storyliner on the New Zealand soap-opera Shortland Street.

Damon is mostly known for his role in The Tribe as Jaffa - more commonly known as The Guardian. He was a core character that first appeared as the leader of the Zoot crazed cult called The Chosen. He remained a cast member in Series 2 and Series 3, before departing from the cast, but Damon made special returning scenes along with past cast member Vanessa Stacey and Ari Boyland. Damon also directed several episodes of The Tribe.

Other Roles

Damon is also known for his role in Urban Gothic and Traffic Island.

As many cast members of The Tribe Damon appeared in the production of Revelations.

In the theatre and the stage he has played leading roles in Long Days Journey into Night, Niu Sila, A Man's World, Split , Twelfth Night, The Unsung Boy, Arcadia and Wind in the Willows.


  • Damon graduated from the New Zealand Drama School in 1992.
  • Damon co-wrote the stage plays Split, Wheeler's Luck, Elvis Was A Coconut and If Pain Persists

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