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Aidan Weekes Hannah (b. 22 August 1987), more commonly known as "Dan" or "Jah Weekes", is a television actor.

He attended Lindisfarne College boarding school in Hastings, New Zealand. Dan was the Year 11 Boarding student representative on the newly formed Student Council in 2003. He also achieved Merit Plus in Grade 7 for Speech and Drama (NZ Speech Board) in October 2003.

He moved to Wellington and attended Wellington High School (2004-2005).

Dan is most well known for his portrayal of Ved in Series 4 of popular sci-fi TV series The Tribe. He was written out of the The Tribe after skipping town with co-star Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (Cloe) on a shooting day.

He has since won the Best Actor award two years running in the annual Wellington Young Filmmakers Showcase and has profiles published in magazines such as Tearaway Magazine.

He currently resides in Wellington (2006), New Zealand, but is considering moving to Brisbane in Australia.

During the filming of the Tribe (in which he played Ved) He lived in the cast house with co-star Jaime kaire-gataulu (Cloe). During an interview, he said he was flirting with her and they later dated for a while even though inter-cast dating was not permitted. However they broke up after The Tribe.

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