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Danni was the daughter of the scientics who created the virus. She was first introduced in Series 2 when Bray was searching for the antidote. He talked her into joining the Mallrats where she quickly becom Bray's co-leader and lover, she created the bill of rights the first city law in ages, when the "Chosen" invaded they captured Danni and move her from the city her current location is unknown.



Danni was first seen in a government building, where she "bumped" into Bray. She first threatened to kill him with a crossbow, and she was very sceptical to him. He told her about the Mallrats, and how they tried to find the antidote, to help the people in the city. Not until Bray told her about Amber, who had died, did she loosen up, and eventually followed Bray back to the mall.
At the mall she wasn’t very much appreciated, especially Trudy and Lex were very hostile. Lex cause he didn’t want a new leader coming in, he wanted to take over himself, and Trudy cause she was jealous. Lex tried hitting on her, and told her he could see who she really was, even though Bray couldn’t.
Bray and Danni quickly got very close, and worked together. They had to stick together to not be overrun by Lex and Ebony, who wanted power as well, but for all the wrong reasons. What Danni wanted most of all was to make the city a better and safer place to live in, and started getting the tribes working together. She arranged a tribal leaders meeting, and got them all to vote for wanting a peaceful city with no weapons. Then she started working on her Bill of Rights. Bray promised he’d take a look at them, but was always working with Tai-San on learning to make the antidote, and didn’t have the time or effort. Danni got upset, and eventually tore it up. Her and Bray had a small fight when Danni went out to look for Trudy, who had gone missing a little after Brady did, but then Bray came to apologise, and asked to take a look at her Bill of Rights. She reminded them she tore it up, but he had the solution: Sticky tape! They got the tribe leaders to sign the Bill of Rights, even though Tai-San objected to it infront of all of them.
When Bob the dog was killed, after drinking some posioned antidote meant for Tai-san, Danni was accused of attempted murder, after Ebony planted evidence in her room. Most of the mallrats believed Danni was innocent, and knew Ebony had something to do with it. Only Patsy and Cloe seemed to want revenge for loosing their dear Bob. But during the trial the Mallrats started having doubts, they knew nothing about Danni, should they trust her? What if she really was working with the Chosen? Danni seemed to be going down, who else had the motive to kill Tai-San? But then Bray confessed to them all, saying he had given the antidote formula to Ebony, when he tried to save Trudy. Danni was set free, and was happy about that, but the mallrats had started doubting her, they knew she was hiding something.
She had told Bray the truth, her father had been the one creating the virus, which was why she so badly wanted to make the city a better place, to try and make up for what he did. After the trial Bray told her to tell the others, they would understand. But Danni wasn’t so sure, daughter of mass-murderer wasn’t much better then just murderer!
Bray and Danni plan a meal for all the mallrats, to clear the air, and to welcome Danni to the tribe, not everyone seems willing to come. Bray gets angry, saying it’s no wonder Danni thinks they hate her, and eventually most of them are there.
Danni thanks Bray for believing in her, and kisses him on the cheek. Bray says the others believe in her aswell, they want her to open the Trading Market they have built up. The market is a success, and most of the mallrats seem to have gotten something, Bray got himself some champagne, and now it’s time to celebrate.
But the celebration ends when Ellie and Jack find a picture of Danni with her father from a newspaper. There is no way out, Danni has to tell the truth!
She decides to run from the mall, and raids the food store. Bray tries to find her, and stops her in the sewers. He tries to make her stay, they’ll forgive her. But she isn’t so sure, and continues.
Once again he finds her, sleeping under a tree. When she wakes up he begs her to come back with him, and that he won’t go back to the mall without her. Danni knows the mallrats need him, and is caught in a dilemma. He tells her she can’t let Ebony and the Chosen take over, she has to help him fight for a better world, wasn’t that her dream? Then he goes on to telling her he needs her, and how he would never have managed so far without her.
She agrees to go back with him, and they meet the other mallrats in the cafe. Tai-San quickly forgives, Alice seems a little cool, Jack is angry at her for stealing his tape about Pandorax, Ellie tells him he’s a hypocrite, he’s a scientist, just like Danni’s dad was, a scientist who messed up. Salene says she doesn’t blame Danni for what her dad did, but she’s mad at her for not telling them. KC is annoyed that people are disturbing his concentration with the gameboy. Danni breaks down in tears, and Salene gives her a shoulder to cry on.
When Lex and Ryan return, Lex tells them the virus seems to be gone, many people who haven’t taken the antidote, are still fine. Alice is happy to let Ebony know this means no power for her. Danni realises it means no power for anyone. The mallrats decide to not tell the city the virus is gone, to keep the power they have. Ellie doesn’t like it though, she wants to tell the truth. Danni becomes a judge, and one of her cases is a young couple who wants a divorce. The girl complains he keeps hitting her, he says he doesn’t, before he hits her. Danni gives them the divorce, doing her best to keep her laughter back.
Once more Bray tells Danni how much more meaningful things are after she came, and how much she has meant for the tribe. They are getting closer and closer. Ellie and Jack wants to tell the truth, but Danni and Bray have different plans. Danni "breaks" into Jack’s computer, and write a new edition of the Amulet to give out. Ellie finds out and is furious. She claims Danni wants to build the New World on lies, and that she’s just like her father. Bray tells her to stop, and Ellie leaves. Danni is close to tears. The city is starting to realise the mallrats are lying to them, and take it out on Dal. The Mallrats are now hated all over the city. More problems come when the militia refuse to work for anyone but Ebony, who is lying in bed, after being locked up by Spike for days.
The other tribes, with the militia, attack the mall, Bray tries to talk to him, but they start throwing stones, and Bray is hit. Ebony is the only one who can help, and Tai-San convince her to do so, when she tells her Bray is hurt. Danni and Bray are both amazed by Ebony’s abilities to handle a mob, but Danni points out: God help us if she ever turns against us! Danni and Bray keep worrying about this, while Danni takes care of Bray’s wound. Danni says they have to be careful to keep her on their side. They go to talk to her, and are surprised by how little interest she has in anything. She leaves the militia to Bray, and eventually Danni and Bray leave her, worried and a little shocked maybe. Danni also gets a warning from Salene about Bray, she’ll have her work cut out trying to hang on to him. While all this is going on, Ellie is planning to publish the whole story, including about Danni’s father. Jack tries to get her away from it, Danni could get hurt, but Ellie seems determined. Ellie tries to get it accepted by someone else, but even Ebony tells her not to publish it. Bray hears about the story from Ebony, and he goes directly to Ellie, who still refuses to let the story go. She wants to tell the truth, even at the cost of Danni’s health or maybe even life. Eventually it’s Danni herself who stops it, without knowing. She goes to thank Ellie for keeping up the newssheet during everything, no matter how much she hated lying. Ellie rips it up after Danni leaves.
The mallrats plan a dance part for the tribes in the city, and everyone seems to be looking forward to it. When Danni dresses up for the dance, in a very nice looking outfit, Bray comes and asks her to go with him on the dance, like a date. Danni says yes.
They dance together to a slow song, which Danni is very ok with, but for the dance competition she doesn’t want to. She suggests Bray should dance with Ebony, she’s good. Everyone else also seems he should do so. But the sight of them dancing is too much for Danni, who leaves the party. At the mall she meets Salene, who quickly senses it’s got something to do with Bray, and tells Danni he’s always been like that. Danni runs to her room, and cries herself to sleep. The next day Danni goes with Patsy and Cloe around in the city, trying to make people work. Bray finds them, but Danni runs off. Patsy and Cloe lets him know she doesn’t want to see him, so he runs after her.
When he finds her, he quickly finds out it’s about Ebony, but her lets her know he doesn’t want Ebony, only her, and they kiss passionately.
That night they make love for the first time, and it’s also Danni’s very first time. The next morning Trudy returns to the mall, with Brady (or so they think anyway), Bray is very happy to see her, and Danni doesn’t even seem jealous when he hugs her, only Salene seems jealous. Danni and Bray can hardly keep away from each other, and instead of discussing important matters, they are making out.
With Trudy’s return, the Chosen are again a threat, and they have to do something. Danni suggests a Tribal Forum. The Tribal Forum doesn’t og too well at first, not many people have seen the Chosen, and think Bray is being paranoid. Danni talks Trudy into telling them what she experienced, and is there with a comforting hug when Trudy breaks down in tears at the end of her speech.
Danni starts getting jealous when Salene spends more and more time with Bray, and she finds out Bray and Ebony had something in the past. She doesn’t understand why Bray didn’t tell her sooner, he says he didn’t find it important enough. Danni wonders what else he’s kept hidden from her, and she doesn’t know if she can trust him. Bray breaks the ice front now being between them, and tells Danni he doesn’t want to fight, she is the best thing to have happened to him in a long time, and he isn’t about to let her og. Danni melts, and they kiss and make up, while Salene stands hidden looking at them in jealousy.
After Ebony moved to the hotel, Bray and Danni aren’t sure if they can trust her. Danni talks Jack into spying on her, as he dislikes her as much as them, and he also has to work for her anyway. Ellie doesn’t like it, she knows Jack is scared, even though he doesn’t say it. Danni gives Ellie a case to work on, and Ellie is calmer.
Things are starting to get to order after the Tribal Forum, and Danni is feeling safer, and the mallrats are starting to be like one big family, and things should be even better when Wolf reports that the Chosen are over. But Danni gets angry when she finds out Bray and the others are forgetting all about security, and prefers playing basketball instead.
Soon they hear about "cannibals" in black vans kidnapping people. Danni thinks it’s Ebony trying to cause trouble to get power. And hearing from Jack that Ebony had a visit from all the tribal leaders doesn’t make her less suspicious.
While Bray goes to "talk" to Ryan (who really wants a fight), Danni decides to og and see Ebony herself. Things are starting to get to order after the Tribal Forum, and Danni is feeling safer, and the mallrats are starting to be like one big family, and things should be even better when Wolf reports that the Chosen are over. But Danni gets angry when she finds out Bray and the others are forgetting all about security, and prefers playing basketball instead. Soon they hear about "cannibals" in black vans kidnapping people. Danni thinks it’s Ebony trying to cause trouble to get power. And hearing from Jack that Ebony had a visit from all the tribal leaders doesn’t make her less suspicious. While Bray goes to "talk" to Ryan (who really wants a fight), Danni decides to og and see Ebony herself.
Salene sees Danni leave, and goes to Bray in her new "seduction-dress". She tells him she’s following her heart, and lets her dress fall. Bray resists her. In the meantime Danni storms in at Ebony’s room at the hotel, and accuses her of being behind the black vans. Ebony turns it in to accusing Danni of being jealous of that Ebony and Bray were once together. Danni hits back at Ebony, saying: You want him, I got him. Why would I be jealous?
Ebony follows Danni back to the mall, where Bray is happy to see Danni safe, but angry she left without telling. Ebony realises Bray doesn’t agree with Danni’s accusations, and is about to stir things up when Trudy walks in, and it ends with Trudy telling them how Ebony tricked her leading to her being taken by the Chosen. Ebony says it’s a crazy story.
Danni and Bray discuss who to believe, and figure out Trudy’s story is more believable, and they start wondering if Ebony is working with the Chosen.
When Salene leaves the mall, Danni gets worried, and tries to find out more. Bray keeps the seduction part secret, but eventually tells her. Danni first gets upset, but she knows she is the only girl for Bray, and tells him to go look for her. The next morning Danni kisses him goodbye, before she sorts out an argument between Cloe and Patsy over Brady.
There seem to be more trouble when the market is empty, just like when the whole virus thing happened. Danni and Bray don’t know anything the other mallrats have against the mallrats. More and more problems come, as Salene returns, telling about how she almost got killed, but was saved by May. The Smile, part of the Jackals, come to the mall, and wants to know who killed Billyboy (the leader of the Jackals). Salene tells them they were the ones who tried to kill her, and Lex and Ryan attacks. Danni and Bray calm things down, and they tell the Jackals to og see Ebony, who is in lead of security.
Danni wants a Tribal Gathering, to stop all the hate towards the Mallrats, as she is convinced Ebony is behind it. Bray promise to get the word out.
At the mall May recognises Trudy as the Supreme Mother from when she was with the Chosen, and scream out, waking everyone. Trudy explains how they only wanted Brady, and she had to play along all the time. Only Cloe, and maybe KC don’t seem to buy it.
Danni and Bray argue with Ebony, who they think killed Spike, and is trying to get the city against them. Ebony says it’s the Chosen, trying to split and conquer, but nobody believes her. In the cafe Danni, among some of the other mallrats, sees when Lex proposes to Tai-San after an argument going with Ellie. And soon a double wedding is on the way, with Ryan & Salene, and Lex&Tai-San. Danni once more dress up, and so does about everyone else, even the animals. At the party Ryan holds a speech, and everything seems to be perfect, except for at the beach where Patsy tricks Ebony into a near death, without knowing. And the Chosen start moving in. During the party afterwards, Bray and Salene dance together. Danni at first gets jealous, but then dances with Jack. When the music stops Bray pushes Salene away, and goes back to Danni. The next day it’s time for the Tribal Leaders meeting, and Danni has a new outfit. While Danni goes inside, Bray, Lex and Ryan stay outside to discuss security. Patsy and Cloe come to warn them about the Chosen, Patsy has finally broken down, but they aren’t believed at first. Bray wants to get Danni just in case, but it’s too late, the Chosen are moving in. Ryan and Lex keeps Bray from running in after Danni, instead they have to find a plan to save her. Danni and the other Tribe leaders are being made to kneel for Zoot, but Danni refuses to listen. It seems like the Chosen are gonna set all the leaders on fire cos of Danni not co-operating, but change their mind, and they are lead outside, where Bray and the others still are, they are delighted to see Danni is still alive.
At the mall Patsy and Cloe come too late to warn the others about Trudy, and they are all taken, except for Jack, who joins Bray, Lex and Ryan. Now they are all taken to the hotel, where Danni still won’t bow down for the Guardian. Bray and the others looks on from a window in another building, and Bray begs Danni to bow down. Like she can hear him, she finally falls down on her knees.
Danni is taken to see Trudy, who tells her Bray has been given an ultimatum: He shows up, or Danni is dead. Time passes out, and Bray still isn’t there, Danni is close to getting killed, when he suddenly shows up. He wants Danni released, but the Guardian wants them both. The other mallrats watch from a window in their room, and Patsy feels guilty. Soon smoke starts emerging into the room, and they realise they’re in trouble. But Jack comes to save them. Outside the Chosen are being attacked, and are running away.
They catch up with them on the beach, and think they have them, but then they realise how many of the Chosen there really is!A fight start, and Danni takes a hit to the head.
After that we see no more of Danni. She disappears, and noone knows for sure what happened. Some say she’s dead, other’s say she’s just missing, like so many others.


In Series 2 she had three main outfits she wore at different times, plus two she just wore on special occasions. In most occastions she had two or three feathers in her hair. She did not have a lot of jewlery, mostly neclaces and rings.

First Outfit

Danni's whole first costume follows one colour which in itself is unusual in The Tribe - usually the brighter or more colourfull, the better. Her first top is a very pale mauve colour, and it was made of a stretch cotton poplin. It has a low neckline in a V and zips up the front, slightly more to the right than the middle, but the zip doesn't go all the way to the bottom. There is a split at the bottom from where the zip ends to where the top ends. The sleeves are full length and are slightly flared at each wrist. The top is fitted and has side seams which give it a tighter fitting. And at the top of each arm there is an oblong hole cut in each one. Next, Danni wears white jeans. They are tight fitting and have a thin waistband. The pockets at the top have been sewn shut, or perhaps they are just decoration and were never pockets to start with. Half way up the thighs, and down to below the knee, the fronts of the legs have been cut large rectangle holes, each of which has had strips of the same fabric attached across them. The bottoms of the pants are long and slightly flared. They are also gathered slightly just under the knee, and there are four eyelets there which have straps threaded through them. The back of the jeans don't have too much of detail, but on the back, just below the waist there are two extra flaps sewn into the seam with four eyelets on each side. They are threaded with black strapping. Danni's jacket is made of the same denim. It is quite a strange cut for a jacket - it is very short and is rounded at the bottom. It has a high neck line but no sort of collar. The sleeves aren't very long and are maybe only 3/4 sleeves. The front of the jacket has been split into sections. The sections on both sides have been diagonally sewn with stripes which the middle remains palin. The jacket does up with four pieces of velcro down the front. Each piece has been sewn, so that the stitching is visible on the outside, matching other dark stitching on the jacket. The back of the jacket is quite the same - only it also has two detailed panels on outside and the plain one in the middle.

Second Outfit

Danni's second costume is an interesting mix of two colours. Gray prevails, while brown colour fills the nice details shaping both the top, and the pants. The top has a low neckline and is also shaped like a V, and has several decorative buttons that are tied together in front side of the top. There is also a sort of V cut at the bottom of the top that adds the nice touch to the front side, while the back side of the top is all gray. The pants start with the brown filling, belt looking like, which is continued by a brown outlining, that goes all the way to the bottom of the pants. Just like with the matching top, these pants have several decorative buttons that are tied together in front side, and just like the first pants, these too have a few holes cut out on the each side.

Third Outfit

Danni's third costume is almost entirely coloured black, with exception of the sleeves that are extremely short, and add sort of a brown-silver lining to the combination. This top also has a low V neckline, and it zips up the front, and the zip goes all the way to the bottom. To each side of the zip there are two straps that are slightly lighter than the top itself, and go the bottom of it. In this combination Danni doesn't wear a matching pants, instead she tries out a long tight skirt that has a reverse V cutting on the side. The skirt is a very light blue, almost transparent, and underneath it, there are pants, just coloured darker blue.


  • Danni is right handed.
  • Her best subjects in school were debating, English, and science.

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