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Portrayed by Joseph Crawford

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Darryl was found one day in a casino by Mega, and made up to appear as Zoot. He pranced around in this role perfectly for a while, before his head got too big for him, and Mega had him removed. He was then placed in Liberty, where he often felt he was unjustly kicked out of the role of a lifetime.

Darryl is a bit melodramatic, and a pampered actor who believes that he should get the respect Zoot does, and have the women he did.


As he has such an important job we rarely see him out of the almost perfect copy of Zoot’s one and only outfit, he pulls it off well but we do wanna see him in his own stuff. It’s bright red, yellow and blue with a pattern of overlapping circles and squares, unfortunately the hideous gold medallion kinda ruins the look…The shirt is balanced out with a pair of beige trousers with a patch of what appears to be the same material as the shirt on the knee, completed with black boots.
Now as he has to wear fake dreds when impersonating Zoot, Darryl can’t really do much with his hair. So it stays in his natural light brown colour with plenty of gel to hold it perfectly in place.
Now what really impresses me about Darryl’s personal look is his makeup, he obviously does his own Zoot stuff as well, because he seems pretty expert. Above and around his eye he has a blue disjointed semi-circular design- which is overlapping a big red cross design on his forehead. This looks brilliant considering the rest of his look is so minimalist and so this really adds something to the overall impression.>br?

However, once Slade rescues him from a skip, Darryl discovers life’s not all about glamour and this is reflected in his style. On heading out to Liberty he finds a completely different, yet very interesting set of clothes. To begin with he has a cool sky blue shirt with HUGE cuffs and collar in a different material, sort of a dark yellow or mustard paisley. Over this the outfit suddenly becomes a bit more random with the addition of a dark brown leather lace-up-vest-male-reverse-corset. The back of it is also interesting with various neon-coloured scribbles covering it. To complete the outfit he has some pants made of dark brown cord and suede patchwork that keep the look all cute and rustic.
There’s no time for a hairstyle change in all the hurry, yet there was no way Darryl could go out with makeup that clashed with his outfit! Thankfully, he keeps his cool face design and changes the red part to a dark yellow so that it’s co-ordinated with his shirt impressively well.

Yet, once we get to the end of S5 Darryl manages to surprise us yet again with a complete outfit overhaul! He’s also tried to get a new image and has gone for that post-apocalyptic-punk look…hence why he begins with a pair of red plaid bondage pants. Now whilst these are interesting enough on a sweet guy like Darryl, wait until you see the rest of it- first he has a very cool royal blue tee that is not only covered with red squiggly writing, but also has a mesh inset in one sleeve. Then things get very creative with the shirt he wears over this, it starts with a large O-ring in the centre and then has four metal harness-like straps that hold a grey patterned shirt over the previosu one. Finished with black boots customised with silver paint this is all very exciting.
It’s also time for Darryl to tribestyle his hair, he firstly dyes it black and fashions it into a reasonably tall mohawk. Now to give it the funky Darryl edge he also has the top of the mohawk tipped with silver and we now see how seriously he has got into style. Finally, he decides to change his makeup, but we can still tell he’s skilled. He now has a large royal blue lightning bolt/zigzag design on his right cheek that complements his outfit well as we continue to be amazed by this new example of the well-dressed tribestyle male.

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