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Having been a Mozzies for a long while, Dee was initially cold and brisk towards Ebony and the Mallrats. When the Technos abducted her fellow Mozzies and left her unconscious in a city street, she was rescued by Ellie and Jack, who brought her back to the mall. She lived with the group, and helped them defeat the Technos, meanwhile, developing a small relationship with machine-smart Patch.

Dee is quite comical in her approach to life, using sarcasm and wit to get through tough times. She doesn't take nonsense from anyone, as she learned from Moz.


When first introduced to Dee she was originally a Mosquito and deputy to Moz in their tribe. She joins in curiously fast with The Mallrats after most of her tribe disappears after the Season 4 Techno invasion. From here she quickly becomes Lex's deputy in helping the floundering city try to right itself with The Technos ruling all. At the end of Season 4 she gets together with her "Mr. Right," Patch, and they run away together into the sunset leaving only a note as goodbye. No one mentions either character after this incident - because like most disappearances and deaths in Tribeworld - people have a very short memory unless the drama insists on a moment of reflection.


After her parents died and it was getting harder to survive, Dee gave in and cried all the tears that she had held back for so long. Someone came and took her into their arms and reassured her that it would all be be okay but she did not want to believe them. This person was very helpful and told her that all of the adults were really gone and that they had no other choice but to continue on with their lives. She said it would all be okay, just as soon as she was willing to get up and wipe away her tears. She said that Dee could come and join in her tribe. Dee was still not certain, however Moz was very persistent.


Early S4
Dee’s style debut was standard Mozzie, the black catsuit with the small PVC corset and matching wrist cuffs. She completes this with the regulation huge black boots and the chain around her neck also eventually a blue and silver armband when she’s made Lex’s deputy.
However, there’s a hint she’s not really the type of person for a black uniform with her hairstyle, it’s bright pink. It’s arranged incredibly intricately with about 5 or 6 plaits up the back so that it stands up at the crown, whilst remaining sections of hair are tied around the bottom of the ‘spikes’.
Nevertheless, Mozzie makeup prevails with the huge amounts of pink eye shadow that match her hair, you’re not sure where the hair ends and the makeup begins, outlined with thick black eyeliner done with two flicks on the top line. There are also two diagonal lines coming out of the corner of each eye but her eyebrows are also forked. The look is finished with dark pink lipstick.

Mid S4
The pink hair might have been a give away because we first see a pale pink top covered with huge pink dots with ruffled sleeves, and an orange quilted halter-style zip-up dungaree. Her legwear is lime green tights with pink fishnets with purple/red/yellow/black stripy kneesocks. There are also lots of accessories in this heavily detailed outfit with an orange studded choker, pink dangly earrings, silver wrist cuff, and a purple star-shaped glittery broach. The outfit finally finishes with some white platform-wedge-trainer-style shoes.
Her hair get’s twisted sideways and the plaits are gone so now it's a succession of loose knots along the centre. The look get's a long green feather at one side and big butterfly clips.
The makeup remains vaguely Mozzie but new things are introduced. The lines move from the corner to along the edge of the eye and some of them curl up at the end. Then she adds some foil butterfly stickers to the ends of the lines.

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