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The Demon Dogz are the tribe that is most likely to happen in the real world. They are mostly boys, often drunk, and they're known for their violence and opposition agaisnt the Locusts. There appears to be no specific leader and whilst the Tribe is mostly male there are some girls.

Know Members

Carter, The Hunga (ex-member), Zoe

Way of Life

They are very violent, and often fight the Locos. They are very possessive overy their "territory", which mostly consists of graveyards, sewers, and abandoned buildings.


As with the Locusts the Demon Dogz don’t have a strict uniform but a definite theme- their’s being black, leather, silver and metal. Your basic Demon Dog outfit has huge black boots with metal attachments, either very baggy or very tight pants made of black denim or leather, a silver or black top with slashes or similar, chunky metal accessories and a weapon. Various members also seem to have acquired helmets, gloves and masks.
The Demon Dogz's hair keep with the colour scheme most have either black or silver hair. The boys either spike their hair or shave their heads whilst the girls go for random messy bunchies and backcombing for that dishevelled look.
Makeup for this Tribe is almost the model of S1 bold war paint. All members have various large graffiti style designs on their cheeks and foreheads- usually silver outlined in black. Big patches of silver also cover the boys’ faces, often carrying on up to their shaven heads. Most members appear to black out their eyes as well.


The Demon Dogz were a violent tribe in Series 1 and Series 2, but become less and less mentioned in the later episodes.

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