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Dwayne Cameron (born October 28, 1981) is a New Zealand film and television actor.

Dwayne first appeared on the small screen in a nationally syndicated commercial for Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and he has been acting ever since. Since then, Dwayne has had guest spots on such shows as William Shatner's 'A Twist In The Tale' and Dark Knight, appeared in a national Skittles commercial, and been a series regular on hit New Zealand-based shows Street Legal and Mercy Peak. But Dwayne’s most recognizable role is probably that of Bray on the cult-hit television show The Tribe. In his three seasons on the show Dwayne created what remains one of the most popular characters among a large and talented ensemble cast. Popular all throughout Europe Dwayne is still creating fans, as whole new groups of fans begin to experience The Tribe in US syndication. Now living in Los Angeles Dwayne is currently auditioning for feature films and television pilots and can most recently be seen in the horror-thriller movie The Locals, as well as in guest roles in two series of The Power Rangers, DinoThunder and S.P.D.




  • Cockle (2005) .... Cockle
  • The Glassman's Night (2005)
  • No Destination (2005)
  • The Locals (2003) .... Paul
  • Possum Hunter (2000) (TV) .... Rob
  • One of Them (1998) .... Rusty

TV Work

  • "Power Rangers S.P.D."
    • - Idol (2005) (voice) .... Dru Harrington/Giganis
  • "Power Rangers Dino Thunder"
    • - Bully for Ethan (2004) .... Derrick
  • "Mercy Peak" .... Gus Van der Velter (2002-2003)
  • "Street Legal" (2000) .... James Peabody (2002)
  • "Love Bites"
    • - Men Are from Mars, Ben Is from Venus (2002) .... Barman John
  • "Dark Knight"
    • - Thunderknight (2002) .... Mordred
  • "The Tribe" .... Bray (1999-2001)
  • "Possum Hunter" .... Rob (2000)
  • "A Twist in the Tale"
    • - Jessica's Diary (1999) .... Chris
  • Amazon High (1997) (TV) .... Leon


  • Skittles
  • Hidden Valley Ranch
  • Coca Cola
  • Black Knight Liquorice
  • City Gems

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