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Portrayed by Meryl Cassie

First appearance:
Last appearance:
14 (1st season)

Ebony was first shown in the tribe as leader of Loco's along with Zoot. Ebony is cold hearted but in Series 2 she reveals she has feelings. Ebony left the Loco's after they threw her out as she went soft over Bray. She tried her best to get Bray but people always got in the way, Amber,Trudy and Danni.

Ebony thought that in series 3 she would have a chance with Bray, but when they others found Amber alive, Ebony was found out. She faked Amber's death then pretended she had a baby with Bray! Now Ebony is leader of the whole city, and has sent Amber and Bray away. What will she do next? And does she still like Bray, or maybe Luke, only series will have the answers… Ebony knows what she wants and will do everything to get it. She has shown this by becoming a mall rat leader with Bray.

Spike kidnapped her and we saw how she didn't like to be locked away. Also she has shown her love for Bray as sometimes the can cloud her judgement. Ebony was Zoot's woman, and also before the virus she has been out with Bray


As the proud Queen of the Locos Ebony took her first style inspirations from Zoot which meant red and black. She looked nothing like a Mall Rat: red boots, black leather pants, red mesh shirt with darker red squiggles all over it and a black top. Of course she had the long black leather coat and finishes the look with big mis-matched earrings and lots of silver bracelets and necklaces.
Amber has zulu knots- Ebony has braids. At this point she had them tyed up and arrangened in various styles up on top of her head for an aggressive look.
Makeup also took the random style and colours of the Locusts. Her eyes are blacked out like Zoot but she also extends it to a ‘band’ across her nose and eventually out to the temples. Random red squiggles and zigzags continue Zoot’s theme however, she has her own designs such as the teardrop and similar. The tough look is completed with scarlet lipstick.

end S1/beg S2
With Zoot gone she’s left to run the Locos and do what she likes, we now have her in a new ensemble with the red boots, black pvc pants with red orange and yellow flames on the sides, orange belt and sleeveless distressed leather top.
Her hair is of course in the braids which are arranged less dramatically than before in a few loops around the side and on the top of her head.
The makeup changes to a large, ornate, bright red flame design on her forehead and the blacked-out eyes now stretch in a band from temple to temple. Completed with the standard red lipstic.

Once in the mall and out of the Locust Ebony has to adapt herself quickly. This manifests in an outfit that is still very her but less of the violent look of the Locos she has leather pants of course, these are darke brown and split up the front to the knee to show off her new boots. To match this she has a brown top with cutaway sections on the waist, belly and underarms, a lace-up front and leather trims. She also continues to accessorise with a disc-style copper choker, black beaded choker, miscellaneous bracelets and a white feather and red strap armband.
The braids are now held up with a thin silver wire in various styles around her head. The most common is in 3 bunchies, for a time she also has some crinkly braids that look girly for her. Random feathers are put in the top usually black.
Makeup changes to a slightly more relaxed look at the Mall. The flame symbol remains but small red gemstones are added to the tips of the flames, they’re also added to her eye makeup and temples. She loses the black band for a while and instead has shimmery copper and bronze eye shadow and simple black eyeliner. When the stripe does come back it is classic black topped off with red glitter. She also has the words ‘Abe Messiah’ written on her upper left arm in black. A dark brown shimmery lipstick completes the look.

end S2/ S3
Ebony becomes the red leather girl with the arrival of The Chosen; she has a red leather halter-top with a buckled strap and a triangular cutout on the belly outlined with coloured flames. Her pants are black with thin red stripe detail, a red belt and black boots complete the look.
Her braids are not arranged very much at this time but they do seem longer. They’re generally swept up off her face in some way with blue and dark red feathers.
Makeup seems to become a bit heavier at this point; the stripe is now red and broken up by grey eye shadow and black eyeliner. Lipstick remains the standard red but sometimes adopts purple tones. Later the stripe becomes purple, dipped in the middle with a line of silver dots on the temples.

After all the defeat of The Chosen, her outfit change isn’t too varied from the last. It is a short leather top with four straps, black pants with a large red line and knee-circle on each leg, black grommet belt, short black boots, and a black leather choker with studs in a cross design all around finish off the outfit.
The braids are now held in the loose loops reminiscent of S1 but now have red, black and silver dye put in them with yellow and black feathers.
Her makeup doesn’t have a dramatic overhaul, the flame stays, as does the dark red glossy lippy. Her stripe does change from purple to bright blue, outlined with black for a while.

But what with The Technos flying in Ebony decides she’ll want to look her best and quickly changes outfit. Amazingly this doesn’t include a leather top; instead it’s a red material with black edging, almost detached sleeves and an open-zip neckline. However, she can’t stay away from leather pants- a very cool black pair with a line of silver buckles down each thigh. And of course accessories come into this: a slinky black chain-drape necklace, black leather cuff and an armful of black rubber bracelets. The hair actually has a bit of an overhaul, whilst the braids are irreplaceable they actually go blonde and some of the red streaks remain. The crinkly braids from S2 return which create a slightly girlier look with the blonde-ness. The braids are held half-up, half-down for a relaxed look. Red and black feathers added to the back complete the changes. Whilst the makeup keeps Ebony’s traditional themes it is adapted with some interesting results. The flame design remains but is actually a slightly different shape, there is also the lots and lots of glossy red lipstick. Finally, the stripe is altered- she wears a lot of gold eye cream around the whole ye area then a black band from the temple to the eye is added with an arrowhead shaped cutout. This leaves room for simple black eyeliner and silver crystals at each corner of the eye. Ebony is wearing a lot of makeup here but the attention to detail carries it off.

But after the Scarecrow Incident it’s time for a change…oh look, red, black and leather…what a surprise…Anyhow, she begins with a very snazzy red leather asymmetrical top with large silver grommets set in, very cool even if it did look like she’d cut up her old coat. She also goes for the double feature of leather pants and these are so unbelievably Ebony-esque: black with a red section set in the front, split halfway up the thigh with strappy detail, black knee-high boots set off the pants well. Accessories now come in the form of matching silver wrist cuffs, red chain link belt and a cool black choker with beaded drape detail. All very lovely-looking overall yet hideously impractical in the middle of a civil war. Only minor changes to hair and makeup after such an outfit overhall, her braids are now straight again and there is red glitter added to her flame whilst most of the gold eye cream goes. Some more variation might be nice…but you want to look your best when meeting old friends…

S5 When she finally decides to change outfit we see that Ebony still hasn’t changed one bit! Guess what? Red and black leather! This is getting really frustrating as her clothes are still well designed but the colourscheme is so limited. Anyways, she has a red corset with black piping detail, thin black halter-style straps, textured detail and an extra revealing lace-up detail in the back. Then it’s super-shiny black leather pants with cutouts on the thigh that have bright red lace-up detail to show her style-standards are still high even if variation isn’t her thing, they are also split to the knee to reveal red leather lining. She’s still up on accessories and now has a spiky rough metal pendant and a multi-stranded black bead necklace. Hair remains in those braids, still blonde with the odd bit of red as well. Now don’t get too excited, they’re still the same style but she’s added a cool bunch of long, thin black and red feathers in the front for more decorative hair than recently. Makeup is still pretty static; the only difference to it is that she has a double-flick effect with her eyeliner that cuts through the black stripe with gemstones on the ends. It does give yet more pretty intricacy to her eyes but we really do need some slight change here!


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