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The Eco-Tribe, or more officially the Gaians, love the Earth and the animals. The Ecos are a nature inclined tribe living in the nearby forests close to the City. Relatively peaceful, they believe in striking a balance between people and the world all around them, not wanting to taint or damage the earth like the adults once did. They live out in the forest and have been an important tribe through Series 3 till the end in Series 5.


The Ecos do not have one specific leader, but a Gaian Council of their members who make decisions for the tribe. Amber, after faking her death on Eagle Mountain became a prominent Gaian.


Pride, Horse, Amber/Eagle, Trudy, Bliss, Mouse, Hawk and Grey Owl.

Beliefs/Way of Life

The Ecos are very much nature-loving "treehuggers". They believe in the earth, and most often do not condone technology, or industrial progress. They live their lives by using the objects around them, and keep to themselves. The Gaians are very against becoming involved in the affairs of other tribes.


The Gaians dress to blend into their surroundings. Their clothing is mostly green and brown, but the members of the Gaian Council have more elaborate costumes. Often times, you can be standing next to a member of the Eco-Tribe in the forest, and not know. The non-council members' foreheads are often painted a bright color that fades around their eyes.

Your average Gaian is not particularly well-dressed by city standards, being in the wild and living off the land means you don’t really have time for dressing up. They wear layers of clothes of usual earthy colours such as greens and browns and sometimes, animal print fabrics. They also appear to have long grey and brown robes made of long patches and strips of fabric and furs all joined together. Outfits are completed with wood, bone and leaf accessories and sturdy black shoes. They aren’t glamorous but certainly look the part. As with clothes hair is practical, tied back in various ways and usually not dyed. There are some who have dreadlocks such as Pride and Grey Owl- who has a definite theme with colours and design. They all like tying leaves, twig, string and straw in various styles in their hair for that nature-related thing. Makeup is part of the camouflage; many have the leaf designs on the side of the face that Amber and Pride have and the small arrowheads under the right eye, also the basic stripes in various colours. However, the noticeable thing most of the Tribe has is that their foreheads are completely painted in a bright colour of some sort: blue, green, yellow and even pink! The odd person has a design suited to their Gaian name, such as the aforementioned Grey Owl. Whilst this isn’t an especially exciting Tribestyle it is a break from the city looks and recaptures the more random S1 grungy-ness.


The Eco-Tribe was first introduced in Series 3 when Bray and Lex crashed on the beach in their go-kart. They were rescued by Pride, and taken back to the forest. Bray discovered that Amber is a Gaian and throws a fit, especially since Amber and Pride are an item. Lex fought to prove his bravery to the Gaians, and ended up getting beaten by Pride. Pride was later made an honorary member of the Mallrats in Series 3 and 4, and was always at odds with Bray over him and Amber getting back together. The Ecos helped out Trudy and Amber after the birth of Bray Jr..

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