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Ella Wilks (born 24th February 1985, in New Zealand) is a New Zealander actress who is best known from her role as Danni in the sci-fi TV series The Tribe, in addition to that she appeared on an episode of The Strip and was in many documentaries and theatre productions.

Acting Roles

Short Films

  • Bathtime 'Bella' 2003 Dir.Josie Nagal.


  • The Strip 'Sala' 2001 Gibson Group.


  • Mother Courage and her Children 'Yvette Pottier' 2004 Dir. Fiona Graham.
  • The Crucible 'Judge Hathorn' 2000 Dir. Della Quinn, Wellington Girls College.
  • Squabble 'Jo' 1999 Dir.Fiona Eason, Wellington Girls College.
  • Various productions at Wellington Performing Arts Centre over 5 years.

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