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Ellie has had a lot of ups and downs and often sulked when she was in a mood. She got with Jack and they made a perfect couple but he left. Then she fell in love with Luke (a very good looking member of the Chosen). Jack returned and she couldnt decide who she loved. But because Luke was part of the chosen he was the enemy and had to leave. Ellie hated Ebony because she appeared to be with the Technos and they took Jack away. After a lot of sulking and crying over Jack she attempted to kill Ebony for revenge. She got caught and Jay made sure that she would be taken to wherever Jack was because he's just a nice guy.

Ellie is a practical Joker and a kind of girl version of Jack, and loves writing thats why she started a local news paper to let the people know of whats going on in their crazy world. Ellie has a big sister called Alice who is very over protected of her. Ellie got attracted to Jack because he was very Similar to her. It took them a long time to get it together but they finally did in the end. When Ellie first appeared in the series she had got the virus straight away becasue she always was poping over to the city every five minutes. I like Ellies character a lot becasue she feels as a writer its her duty to let the people know of whats really happening and she cares enough to her readers that she went to find out things about the chosen herself.

How Ellie was introduced in Series 2?

Well the first time we saw Ellie was when she tryed to avoid her sister Alice after spending a day at the city, Ellie was upset because unlike Alice she would prefere to live in the city than the country because she feels alone out there never really seeing people and socialyzing. Alice didn't like the fact of Ellie spending time down there since the virus was going around and you were most likely to catch it if you spent time in the city, which sadly Ellie did, Alice was furiuos and demanded to find the antidote to help her sister. Soon later when Ellie was better they joined with the mall rats, Ellie persuaded Alice to join. Ellie grew a close relasionship with Jack since they both loved computers to do something usefull with thier time they decided to find out more things about the antidote which they cracked in the end..


S2 Ellie arrived from the farm with an outfit very different to the style of the Farm Girls, bright hippyness apposed to grungy. She had a orange mesh top split into 2 parts (shoulders and torso) with blue, black and white woven braid on part with a long cream coloured skirt, cream woven cuffs, wooden necklace and black boots. She also brought us crimping to the Tribe- her long blonde hair is impressive enough so the crimping made her unique and was occasionally held up at the front with an orange clip. Ellie shared her makeup style with her sister at this point- orange colour on her temples and right side of her forehead with a gold stripe. This was completed with black lipstick- a shade that contrasted most of the rest of her outfit.

When Ellie changed outfit she appeared to retain her hippyness but changed her colour scheme- now adopting blues with denim pants and a blue swirly shirt with hooked sleeves. However, over her shirt she also wore a yellow patterned corset (that odd yet fun new phase she created) and had kept her black boots, she also had a brown and yellow cord necklace. Ellie’s hair suffered no dramatic change but the crimping became more complicated with stripes of crimping being put in whilst others were left straight- she also had two small plaits at the front and often had a few blue or purple feathers in them. With her makeup she moved away from sharing designs with her sister and instead a 3 blue swirls on the right side of her face, complete with blue glitter, and changed from black to purple lipstick.

end S2/beg S3 After the wedding and the chaos of the Chosen takeover it took a while for Ellie’s style to settle down- once it did she kept her boots and denim pants but also wore a denim skirt with braid and fraying on the bottom over them. She then had a purple and lilac top with mesh sleeves that had the shoulders cut away, completed with a multi-stranded red necklace. This gave Ellie a slightly more feminine look than we were used to. Her hair again remained long and blonde but the crimping was replaced by various twists and curled parts to it partly held up with a white feather clip, again quite girly. Her makeup began with the red stripe across the right cheekbone as a sign of the rebels, but she also had purple lipstick and a blue seaweed pattern on her forehead- that later changed to a blue square and line pattern with a small silver bindi on it.

S3/S4 What Ellie wore next had us gasping in shock and then laughing- she became the pink woman. She wears: pink and white speckled boots, a matching pink corset, a pink and lilac flowered top with cut-out and ruffled sleeves (?!), various pink belts, pink wrist cuff and pink ribbon around her neck. She also had lilac shorts and- the outfit’s saving grace- a fantastic purple kilt with safety pins up the side. A matching green coat with lilac fur also appeared. This wasn’t just feminine this was super-girly. Ellie hair then had a few ponytails in it that were bunched into various parts in each one tied with brown cord. She also had clear plastic band around her head (very puzzling…) and later on had dye put in her hair for the first time in the form of lilac streaks and which were later replaced with orange sections. Her makeup had an obvious matching to her new outfit- she had pink lipstick and pink eyeshadow done into a square shape. On her right cheek the rebels stripe was replaced with a baby blue and silver symbol.

However, with the arrival of The Technos her makeup and hair changed. Her hair is held in various small bunchies all linked together in orange bobbles to make a web-effect over her scalp. This looks much better and a bit more relaxed. With her makeup we see her turn to some neon pink eye shadow done to a flick and then changes face design to a series of three small flicky lines in pink, orange and purple. This is done twice, placed with one on her left cheekbone and one above her jaw line on the right. At least she looked a bit better whilst she was going out of her mind…

S5 After making a much welcome return we see Ellie go right back to her more folksy, rural look- but she’s still quite feminine with things like that quirky a-line skirt with the 1950s style pink flower pattern on, and a bright blue underlining, that looks surprisingly nice. With this she wears a crinkly, pale pink top, with a white ribbon neckline that laces-up at the back, and ruffles on the end of the sleeves. Underneath this she has a sherbet yellow sleeveless tee that adds some nice colour variation. The looks is accessorised with a cool wooden pendant necklace and a pair of denim sandals with wicker heels, impractical yes, but they finish off the outfit well. Her hair as ever is long, blonde and lovely. To keep up the theme she has various multi-stranded plaits in it that look really pretty, but she’s also experimented with not only lilac but also bright yellow streaks that stand out really well. But without a doubt the best part of her new look has to be the makeup- I really love this! She has brilliantly simple splodges of bright yellow, orange and lilac colour under each eye and a cool turquoise squiggle on her left cheek. Completed with a subtle orangey-gold eyeshadow and burgundy lippy this is finally proof that random can also look feminine.

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