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Ethan is one of the tribe leaders who meets with Bray's rebellion against the Chosen. At first he doesn't want to fight but after hearing Trudy's speech he changes his mind.


Ethan has a practical approach in his style. We see black combat trousers and a long-sleeved red top, this pairing is made more interesting with the addition of a black leather breastplate thing with red thorny designs added for detail. He also has a black leather collar-style chocker to which a metal harmonica support is attached that ends near his mouth, we have no idea what purpose this was to serve.
He also has rather sophisticated hair for a Tribeworld male, it’s bleached blonde but a platinum colour without any yellow tones so stands out in a crowd. The hair is styled in tiny little twisted spikes that is different from the big cone-shaped ones we’re used to.
His makeup has four diagonal lines that cross via his right eye, a forked green line coming round from behind his left ear.

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