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The Farm Girls where first seen in Season 1 when the Mallrats ventured out of the mall to trade batteries for food. They came onto a property and where confronted by many girls, and one of them was Alice.

They are next seen in Season 2 with Alice and her younger sister Ellie. After they join the Mallrats, the farm is run togther with the two tribes.




Ellie, Becki, Dawn

Beliefs/Way of Life


Led by Alice these girls stick to practical clothes and footwear such a wellies and boots typical accessorises being spades and wheelbarrows. So it’s time for the general layers of tops, trousers, jackets, shirts, armbands and pretty much anything lying around that will withstand the mud. A few of them managed to keep their femininity to a degree by including items such as vest tops, corsets and skirts amongst the layers.
The Farm Girls manage to symbolise typical grunge hair; long hair in various bunchies, pigtails and knots.
You can see evidence of classic warpaint made out of the old favourite mud. But for unification purposes, the all share a tribal design, this time on the arm, the female symbol with a skull and crossbones inside done in classic black.


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