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Fleur Saville (born 14 July 1984 in Auckland) is a New Zealand actress best known for her roles in Being Eve and The Tribe in which she became known to international audiences for her portrayal of Ruby. Fleur is currently on the New Zealand Soap Opera Shortland Street where she plays Libby Jeffries.

Fleur is interested mostly in horseriding, Tae Kwon Do, snowboarding, singing, and dancing.

Fleur recieved fourth place for "Best Newcomer" at the New Zealand TV Awards for her performance as Eve. She then went onto The Tribe which was a smaller role as well as Serial Killers. She recently had a part in the feature film Sione's Wedding.




  • Shortland Street 'Libby Jefferies'; 2005
  • Interrogation 'Jolie'; 2005
  • Maddigan's Quest 'Silver Girl'; 2005
  • Serial Killers 'Kirsty',; 2003
  • Spin Doctors Series 4, 'Deaf Girl'; 2003
  • The Tribe Series 5, 'Ruby'; 2002
  • Being Eve 'Eve'; 2000-2002


  • Sione's Wedding 'Hottie #2'; 2005

Short Film

  • The Longest Night 'Vampire Hunter/Vampire'; 48HOURS 2004


  • Lobby Hero 'Dawn' 2007 Dir. Caroline Bell-Booth, Silo Theatre
  • New Gold Dream 'Stephanie'; ATC Final Draft
  • Joseph and the Dreamcoat 'Narrator'; Rangitoto College
  • Sound of Music 'Brigitta'; Bruce Mason Theatre
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 'Veruca Salt'; Pumphouse Theatre
  • Fiddler on the Roof 'Daughter'; Pumphouse Theatre
  • Slice of Saturday Night 'Sharon'; Rose Centre
  • Oklahoma 'Chorus'; Pumphouse Theatre

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