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Portrayed by Vicky Rodewyk

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Gel joins the Mallrats in Series 5. Jack was running from a few crazed Zootists and dove into a dumpster only to find beautiful, conceited and talkative Gel. She had been held captive by the Technos, and returned to find that her tribe had vanished. She was taken by a few thugs, and was very flattered when both Lex and Slade came to her rescue. She was honored to become part of the legendary Mallrats, and has been receiving the cold shoulder from Jack, whom she has a crush on, but he loves Ellie.

Gel is quite the social butterfly. It is hard for her to realize when she should probably stop talking, and often says the wrong thing at the wrong time and doesn't mind her own business. She is a little bit boy-crazy, and often has a crush on at least one tribe member. Her worries center less on the world and where she's going to get her next meal, and more on her hair or her lipstick.


The main feature of Gel's first outfit is a white ruffly skirt with pale blue detail. A short, sleeveless white and pale pink gingham top keeps up the co-ordination, as do the white ankle boots wih flower and butterfly detail. A pale blue butterfly belt buckle and white kneesocks with the ruffles around the top finish the outfit.
Her hair is blonde and curly and accented with big rose clips (one red, one blue) with a green braid headband.
Her makeup starts with an intricate eye design featuring blue and lilac shadow with darker blue eyeliner lines extended out onto the temple and cheek, representing butterfly wings to match her belt. The red lipstick and nail varnish finish it off.

The skirt goes and now it’s time for a white matching top and skirt entirely covered in a pink and orange flower pattern. The edge of the skirt has some orange and yellow bows along the hem. She adds a halter neck style of the top and orange lace-up detail in the back and orange legwarmers with silver trainers. She accents with wristcuffs made out of matching material. The rest of her accessories are predictably girly with a pink rosebud choker.
Her head band changes from green to pink with some green still left in.
There’s not much done with her makeup. The red lipstick becomes pink and she adds small silver gemstones to the edges of the butterfly wings in her facial design.

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