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Jay brings Ginny to the hospital when he finds her passed out. Patch diagnoses her with pneumonia and treats her. She reminds Jay of his died girlfriend, so he protects her until she heals. After, she volunteers at the hospital. She became addicted to the Game, and tries to capture Jay in the real world in exchange for the prize offered on his captured.


One of the first things you notice about Ginny is her trousers; they’re divided into three large sections of orange, yellow and blue and are teamed with a blue belt. The trousers are teamed with a sky-blue sleeveless top that has a inset of rainbow tie-dyed material, finished off with white and yellow shoes.
Her hair is shoulder-length, slightly wavy and dark brown with two bright orange streaks at the front to match her outfit. She also accessories her hair with neon orange, white, green and pink bobbles being put in front sections of her hair in a row.
Makeup is a dark purple lipstick and vague hints of blue eye shadow and tribal designs stick to her forehead where she draws two horizontal wibbly white lines and yellow swirls around a large red bindi.

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