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Glenn was a friend of Lex, Ryan and Zandra before they attempted to join the Locos. The Locos didn't want new members, and Glenn fell into their hands. He appeared later in Series 1, dying of the virus with Zandra by his side.


Before the virus, Glenn was in a close group of friends, Lex, Zandra and Ryan. The group lived in the same sector. They grew up together and hung out after school.

Together they watched the world they knew fall apart and split up into tribes. Glenn was the most determined and intelligent of the group, also the one with the most will power. He wanted to have an influence on the tribeworld that had been built. Glenn did have a few problems within their group. Mainly with Lex. Lex disliked his way of thinking and plans.

Mainly they fought over the girl of the tribe, Zandra. Zandra was blind to his affection. However Lex was not.


Glenn went with the rest of the group to try and join the Locos, but instead Zoot decided to attack them. They were escapping dowing an alley and over a fence. Lex blocked Glenn's escape path. The last thing Lex and Ryan saw of Glenn was when he was captured by the Loco's.

Glenn disappearrf until the tribal gathering. Lex boxed into a corner by Glenn then beaten up. He learnt that in the first week.

Jack sees an old man on the ctv camera. Pasty intrigue by him goes in search. She brings him back to the mall only to find that he is no "Old" man but is in fact Glenn with the virus. It had begun to spread again, this time onto the children. Zandra, his old flame cares for him while Lex is in quarantine after coming in contact with Glenn. Glenn tells Zandra about his love for her that is still going strong. If he gets through this virus will she come away with him, leaving Lex. She says she will. Only to change her mind. She was about to tell him when he finally dies. Glenn is given a good funeral.


Ep. 1
At the rail yards Glenn has his brown distressed long leather coat, black pants and big heavy boots, wearing an old-looking white shirt as well. He also has a pair of large biker-style chrome-rimmed sunglasses that he wears on top of his head.
His mid-brown, wavy hair has that ‘grown out from pre-virus’ aspect to it as it is past shoulder length.
His eye area is blacked out and then shading continues out underneath across the cheekbones. Then a separate block of colour that is similarly shaded comes from under his nose onto his chin.

Tribal Gathering
His general style hasn’t really changed too much with his big boots, dark pants and jacket, yet little bits of red detail and leather/metal accessories have all crept in under the Loco influence.
He’s lost his flowing locks. It’s now all gathered into tiny little bunchies all over his head that spike up.
Glenn looks a lot more cleared faced at the moment. His makeup now consists of a traditionally Loco big thorny/flame-ish dark red design on his left temple and cheekbone and his eyes blotched out with dark red makeup.

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