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Before becoming the Guardian, Jaffa was an acquaintance of Zoot's, and was treated very viciously by the maniacal leader. After Zoot's death, however, he claimed that Zoot had spoken to him, and he soon became a leader of a cultish religion worshipping the ex-Loco. They made their way to the city, where they kidnapped Brady. Trudy stepped in, and became the Chosen's Supreme Mother. Bray, in an effort to rid the world of the Guardian, dressed up as his dead brother, Zoot, driving the Guardian insane - supposedly. In Series 3, he escaped the mall and killed Ned before being taken away in a plane just as the Technos arrived.

Calm but feirce, the Guardian is an intense force to be reckoned with. He is quite manipulative, and manages to belittle anyone in his presence, and strikes fear into the hearts of the "unbelievers."


S2/beg S3 Throughout this series we see The Guardian spreading the word of Zoot- and robes. Of course he is special so he gets a white one, it is full-length (white shoes then?) with flared sleeves, huge silver cuffs and a detachable hood with silver zips. A purple sash is added for special occasions. This is simplicity for one with a life devoted to Zoot. In the flashbacks we see the Guardian (then Jaffa) with his blond wavy hair- which he now seems to have decided to grow into a shoulder-length mullet. Probably spending too much time worshipping instead of looking in a mirror… Makeup does not go with the simple life, although it might have helped.

S3 And finally we get an outfit change, and *shock* it’s white- with a bit of regal purple for variety. We now have big white and silver boots, white trousers with purple edging, a purple and white waist-sash-type-thingy, a big chunky silver belt, a white…er…woolly jumper with purple edging, and a white neck brace type thing. This is topped off with a loooong white coat with purple edging to match the trousers- Big G reckons he’s quite stylish now *snigger* The mullet style goes for a while with it being simply tied back, which also makes the hair appear shorter. There are also the random wispy bits that escape for a ‘dishevelled amongst the chaos’ look. Again, there isn’t really any makeup- apart from a very small purple forehead design.

He’s out- and out of the robes! The Guardian goes on the run- and excuse me while I recover- he has a real, proper, coloured outfit. Plain black boots, dark blue pants, olive coloured jumper, black gloves and an especially cool knee-length teal blue waistcoat with three horizontal red stripes across it create an outfit more suited to the Guardian than we would have thought. Yet, the hair is wild and free again, flowing around in all its glory… But then, what is it I see? Makeup?! GOOD Makeup?! The Guardian finally looks properly creepy with smudgy black eyeliner and a red and black thorny design on his left cheekbone- slightly reminiscent of the flame design that used to cover Zoot’s face, now there’s devotion for you…

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