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The Gulls are a hard tribe to classify. They are quite stubborn and do not often agree with the Mallrats.


Jet and the orginal leader


Beliefs/Way of Life


The Gulls obviously take their colour schemes and shapes from their name white with a hint of silver, blues and purples. They usually wear dark shirts/tops with paler pants. Jet herself wear a purple halter top with a white feather design, denim raggedy skirt and black pants with a silver swirly design all up the leg. All Gull outfits are accessorised with wooden jewellery, black boots, lots of white and grey feathers and leaf armbands and the similar.
Hair for the Gulls also has no definite regulation, it is mainly black for male and blonde for female members with a windblown look. Jet has her blonde hair in a twist that is slightly spiked at the top. And, of course, white and grey feathers are randomly shoved in, tied and braided into the Gull’s hair.
Makeup is also on a theme, but has that randomness. Jet has most of her face (from about the forehead to cheekbones) shaded with silver then she adds black eyeliner and large black, fluffy false eyelashes topped off with a dark lipstick. A look most Gulls recreate with large patches of silver, white and black face designs mostly with a large ‘v’ shaped design on their foreheads to resemble a bird’s beak.


The Gulls are often seen at city meetings and town events. Their leader was taken by the Chosen, and was replaced by Jet.

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