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When Amber and Pride left the Ecos Tribe to go to the city, a handful of the tribe went with them, including Hawk. Hawk was part of the Rebel group (S3) before he left to return to the Eco's.

In S5 Amber returns to the Eco's and Hawk tells her that she will no longer be welcome with the tribe because of the attacks on the Eco's on previous occasions.

Salene takes Mouse to join the Eco's towards the end of S5 and Hawk puts her through the initiation ritual in order for her to join the Eco's. He also tells Salene she would be welcome to stay, but Salene leaves to return to the Mallrats.


Hawk has the first kilt in The Tribe. It’s in a dark green and brown tartan and also with huge brown raggedy boots. The rest looks more random, with a bright red mesh shirt and dark straw and brown feather armbands.
Hawk’s hair is classically eco: his mid-brown hair is in shoulder length dreadlocks. There is some variation with the odd royal blue one thrown into the bird’s nest.
Makeup is also completely eco. He has the Gaians design of the green swirl handprint on his cheek, but also has a thick sky blue stripe around each arm, below the elbow.

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