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Horton Bailey Hotel was first used by the Loco’s after the death of Zoot. The Chosen took it over in Series 2, but Ebony got it back in Series 3. Later renamed Ebony's Palace after she won the city elections, then Ram's Palace when the Technos tookover the City.




The Hotel was first scene after Ebony had take over the Locos after Zoot went missing and she took over as 'Queen' of the Locos in Series 1. Here she kept both Bray and Lex prisoner.

In S2, after an unsteady alliance between herself and the Mallrats, Ebony moved into the Mall for a while, until once more taking over the hotel. The Locos by this time had disbanded, but a loyal few stayed with her to become a new security force, refered to as the Militia, whose base of operations was the Hotel.

When the Chosen attacked at the end of S2, they invaded the Hotel after they'd taken most of the tribe leaders as prisoners. However they didn't make their base there, but moved into The Mall in S3.

In S4, when The Technos invaded the city, they took over the Hotel, renaming it 'Ram's Palace'. They quickly changed the look of the place, with their many computers, using the camera system to their advantage. Even after Ram was defeated, it remained in the Technos control as Mega slowly manipulated his way into the new power, and using it as a base of operations for taking over the city.


Hotel Room 208 - Ebony kept virus infected Lex here in Series 1
Hotel Room 326 - The Chosen locked Alice in here, before Ebony helped her to escape in Series 2
Hotel Room 23 - is Siva's room in Series 4
Black Room - Room where Ram's secret virtual reality equipment is stored. Operations Room - Room in the hotel where Mega sent out his orders Series 5. Contains all his techno gadgetery.

Behind the Scenes

The Hotel was simply the front of the Cloud 9 Studios, redressed. Also, the pool at the back of the hotel is also the pool at the studios.

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