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Portrayed by Michael Wesley-Smith

First appearance:
Last appearance:
12 (1st season)

Jack was the first person to live in the Mall. His dad owned the electric shop, where Jack had lived ever since the virus. He let Amber, Dal, Salene, Patsy, Cloe and Paul stay with him in the Mall, but wasn't sure about Lex, Ryan and Zandra, so trapped them in the grills. Jack was quite well off in his mall. He had real beds, with quilts and feather pillows, lucky Mall Rats! He also had a huge food store, and a good supply of batteries and electric appliances.

Jack has always been the nerdy type, and in series 2, fell in love with farm girl Ellie. Jack was sent away by the Chosen on episode 1 of series 3, but later returned, heartbroken to find Ellie and Luke (from the Chosen!) were a couple.

Jack's loves to invent things, and do things scientifically. He can sometimes get annoyed by Tai-San always wanting to use natural and spiritual things.

Jack's best friend has always been Dal, who was killed sadly by the Chosen, and died in Amber's arms. But Jack gets on well with everyone from the tribe, so who knows who will be his next best friend?

Jack isn't sure whether or not he will stay in the Mall. So we will have to wait until series 4 to find out. He was seen with Ellie,who was pouring her heart out to him about Luke. Will they get back together?

Jack was the first person to find the mall after the virus. He made lots of gagdets and developed security devices for the place. He let Amber and the others stay and continually tried to make contact with someone over the radio but never succeeded. He fell in love with Ellie and was devasted to find her in love with Luke when he returned in series 3. Jack tried to defeat the technos equipment with Ebony but got caught and now he is with Ellie serving punishment.


S1 Jack is the original Mall Rat, after meeting everyone whilst hiding in his father’s tool shop we see he’s not one for looking dressed-up at this point, but has an originality of its own. Layering is a fact of life in S1 so we see a plain white tee with a red and white striped shirt over it, then a brown multi-pocketed waistcoat and often a navy jacket. He also has denim pants that are just those few inches too short, very cute, which shows off his stripy woolly socks and classic red and white trainers. Note the millions of bits and pieces hanging out of his pockets and the goggles/magnifying headset he wears a lot of the time. Jack has nearly always had red hair. At this point it is a scarlet colour and looks like he left his old hairstyle from the old world to do as it wanted. Jack also shows how nice and friend-orientated he can by immediately adopting the basic Mall Rat symbols of the time. br> end S1/begS2 This is a kind of transitional period for Jack when he experiments with a few different things; first he replaces his red shirt with a yellow one covered in red and orange fruit that looks really cute with his hair. Then he goes for a whole outfit change with a black tee, a patterned shirt with pictures of cars and buildings and stuff on it that look really random, a shorter black jacket and some Tribe-Circus-influenced black and white striped flared pants! Well, it is an experimental stage, the look is also added to with the crystal Tai-San gives him to ward off those bad vibes. His hair grows a bit longer and towards the end of S1 and ends up standing on end, not as in spikes but just completely vertical! It also briefly turns to a fun, yet manic, bright orange for a non-too discreet change. His makeup remains with Mall rat unity, which is nice in these troubled times…

S2 But then there are girls around, namely Ellie, so style has to be stepped up a few levels. Firstly, Jack changes to a red and yellow t-shirt with a cowboy silhouette printed on it with a beige workshirt over it. This is updated with a blue shirt covered in a cool darker blue triangles design all over it, also gets some black boots and finishes the look with some black combat pants so he can continue with multiple pockets. His hair is also given a bit of a revamp, when the red returns and his hair has grown to a suitable length he goes for spikes- big, cone-style spikes. This look really suits Jack and is enhanced by the way he lets his roots grow out for a two-tone effect as the spikes get really big. He also ventures into his own makeup for the first time, with great success. He begins with a design that sees the right of his forehead shaded green with white dots on the edge, then a green line across his face broken up by a small triangle and square design on the left. But this doesn’t last too long and it evolves: the green stripe across the face remains and on the left and right side it has a blue and green triangle arrangement, which the line bends around. Thanks Ellie, he looks great!

End S2/S3 After the wedding Jack’s style becomes that teeny bit more mature, with funky red and black plaid pants, a white t-shirt and a really cool lime green surfer-style shirt with white orchids with orange detail. He also wears his faded red jacket for a large amount of time as he wanders to the Mall and back on various occasions. His hair is now considerably shorter and when he comes back from those never-seen Chosen labs it is no longer bright red but instead more of a heavy tint that shows his natural dark brown hair. After the wedding he also goes for a more co-ordinated look and also experiments with that colour not so often used in Tribestyle: white. This is a large design oh his right cheek and temple with various geometric lines folding back on themselves. On his return we see a more basic design of black lines and small circles with red detail on the left side of his forehead and temple that also makes him look older. Which is appropriate considering life isn’t too jolly anymore…

S4 When The Techno’s fly in Jack hasn’t really got time to alter his style but does change his outfit: we now see a navy blue shirt patterned with red and yellow detail, an oxblood coloured t-shirt and black pants. A silver jacket also appears from somewhere. His hair remains as styled before but is even darker brown. His makeup does change however, the bold designs remain and he also goes back to white. We see a large swirl on the right of his face highlighted on one side with green and pink and a big black squiggle on the left cheek that has a random, S1 look to it. But then of course he’s kidnapped, yet again….

S5 Now on yet another return, Jack’s looking much older- but we can also see he’s not up for changing his style dramatically. He begins with his classic t-shirt and shirt combo: this time it’s a khaki coloured tee with cool bleached detail around the seams, over which there is a sandy coloured shirt that has lots of coloured badges sewn onto it. Then to keep the co-ordination stakes up he has a pair of dark blue camouflage pants with big sandy-coloured patches on the shins. However, we know it’s still our colourful Jack with his cool royal blue and red jacket. His hair is now even more subdued, it’s now got a ruffled look to it and a heavy orange tint. But Jack shows he’s still got an enthusiasm for makeup with his huge, colourful new markings. On each cheekbone he has 2 diagonal stripes; one is orange and shaped like an arrowhead and the other is bright blue outlined with navy, with the end shaped like a lightning bolt, bent around the arrowhead. Whilst this isn’t as expert as some of Jack’s other designs I love it for the experimentation and use of colour.

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