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Billy Boy


The Smile were briefly affliated with the Jackals.

Beliefs/Way of Life


The Jackals are a mainly male tribe under the thumb of all-important ruler Billy Boy, who was even good enough to establish an interesting uniform for them all. Most Jackals have darkly-coloured practical trousers and sturdy black boots but what is impressive is their shirts: they look as if they were once plain white but have been coloured with red, purple, blue and orangey stains and have seriously cool ribcage impressions in them that look aggressive and…well…just weird as it looks like they’ve been on a serious diet…Members usually accessorise with chunky black leather collars and wrist cuffs.
The Jackals also have some serious headgear- members have these huge wire headpieces that extend over their faces into a ‘muzzle’ around the mouth and nose area- hence their name. But Billy Boy himself doesn’t often wear a ‘muzzle’ but instead has pieces of black material attached to the metal frame that surround his face for an unkempt, vicious look.
Hair-wise the Jackals just go for the messy or spiky look under their headpieces and what with being all male aren’t exactly up on makeup so we usually just see random, abstract black designs around the eyes and cheeks in the basic traditions of war paint.


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