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James Napier (born March 24 1982 in Wellington, New Zealand) has appeared in several television programmes including The Tribe, Power Rangers and Shortland Street.

He is sometimes credited under the name James Robertson. This happened when he appeared in Shortland Street in 1992 as Glenn McNulty and again in 2001 when he appeared as Jared Preston in Being Eve.

Perhaps his two most well known appearances are as Jay in Series 4 and Series 5 of The Tribe from 2002 to 2003 and as Conner McKnight, the Red Ranger in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder in 2004.




  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) (uncredited) .... Little One
  • Aimal Butterfly (2003) .... Jake Butterfly Run Riot Productions
  • Foul Play http://www.sampsonpictures.com (2007) as written and director and actor.

The short film is a victim of a rape managers to track her assailant down, her revenge seems to be swift and deadly. As events unfold all is not what it seems and deception comes at a very high price.


  • Tarzan .... Tarzan (2003)
  • The Twelfth night .... Fabian (2001) Summer Shakespeare
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream .... Quince (2000) Summer Shakespeare
  • Antony & Cleopatra .... Scarus (2000) Summer Shakespeare

TV Work

  • Power Rangers: S.P.D.
    • History (2005) .... Conner McKnight/Red Dino Thunder Ranger
    • Wormhole (2005) .... Conner McKnight/Red Dino Thunder Ranger
  • Power Rangers: Dino Thunder (2004) .... Conner McKnight/Red Dino Thunder Ranger
  • Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
    • Storm Before the Calm: Part 1 (2003) .... Eric McKnight
    • Storm Before the Calm: Part 2 (2003) .... Eric McKnight
  • Mercy Peak
    • Light My Fire (2003) .... Luke Bertram
    • Pride and Prejudice (2003) .... Luke Bertram
  • Shortland Street (1992) TV Series .... Glen McNulty (2001)
  • Being Eve (2001) TV Series .... Jared Preston (2001/02)
  • The Tribe (1999) TV Series .... Jay (Series 4-5, 2001/02)


  • He is the great grandson of veteran British actor Alan Napier, most notable as Alfred on the popular 1960's television series, Batman. This is referenced in the premiere episode of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, when Conner and Ethan visit Dr. Oliver's house. Conner accidentally pulls the dinosaur statue that opens the entrance to Tommy's secret lab; and states "the guy's a teacher, not...Batman..."

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