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Jennyfer Jewell was born in England on June 7 1984, and was raised in Kelburn, in Wellington, New Zealand. She is best known for her role as Ellie on The Tribe since Series 2.

She has been in various other productions.

She has one younger brother.



Jennyfer has a lot of experience in television. Her previous roles include the Enid Blyton Secret Series and The Enid Blyton Adventure Series (also made by Cloud 9) as well as Mirror Mirror and The Storytellers. She has also been in theatre in The Thingamajigs and the Buzz O`Bumble Show, as well as roles in short films and commercials. Jennyfer attended the Film Acting Workshop and performed Ballet for four years. Jennyfer enjoys bicycling, dance, horse riding, music, running, singing, skiing and swimming.


1999 - 2003 The Tribe .... Ellie (Core Cast),
1997 Mirror, Mirror .... Cameo
1996 Enid Blyton Secret Series .... Peggy Arnold
1995 Enid Blyton Adventure Series .... Lucy Ann
1993 The Storytellers .... Featured (2 roles)

Television Commercials

2000 Telecom New Zealand, Featured, Silverscreen


2000 Twelfth Night, Viola, dir. Alan Wynyard
1999 Joan of Arc, d’Éstivel, dir. Richard Campion
1994 The Buzz O’Bumble Show, Chorus (1 Solo), State Opera House, dir. Lindsey Yeo
1993 The Thinamajigs, Singer/Dancer, Wgtn Repertory Theatre, dir. Charles Harter

Short Film

When the Wind Blows, Featured Lead

Voice Over/Recording

1999 The Tribe Soundtrack, Featured Singer
1995 Enid Blyton Adventure Series Theme Song
Time is a Spider(Short film)

External Links

/ Jennyfer Jewell Connection

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