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Portrayed by Ari Boyland

First appearance:
Last appearance:
11 (1st season)

KC was introduced in Series 1 as a theif silently taking things from the Mallrats. A skilled scam artist, he managed to charm his way into the hearts of the Mallrats, especially Lex. He developed unreciprocated crush on May and then Cloe, and was taken by the Technos.

Streetwise, cocky and a very plausible liar, he caused endless discipline problems for Amber. But Lex, who sees in KC a younger version of himself, takes him under his wing as his protege and the two have been compared to the Artful Dodger and Oliver.


S1/early S2
Lex lets KC join the Mall Rats and he settles in almost immediately. He has black baggy combat pants, black shoes and a vertically striped yellow and black soccer shirt. When he appears he’s wearing his hat with the two eyes on the front and his green jacket, both of which habitually reappear, and a long feather earring.
KC’s hair is dyed an emerald green and done in three-inch spikes on the top of his head; the sides are short in a buzz-cut.
He’s makeup is a thick black horizontal line under each line.

When he gets around to changing his outfit KC, he changes to another yellow soccer shirt this one trimmed with blue and sections of lime green and bright-blue pants with red patches.
KC's hair now has the top inch of his spikes dipped bright red.
For makeup we also see little change, there are now green stripes added to the black ones and he goes along with the rebels’ stripe in S3. However, in mid-S3 amongst all the confusion KC changes to a big brown block covering his left eye and cheek bone with red dots surrounding it.

late S3
After The Chosen leave KC goes for a complete outfit change. Another soccer shirt this one blue with red detail. KC then has a long dark red waistcoat-cum-jacket with multiple pockets and also long cut-off denim pants with cool distressed green patches. He completes this change with metal accessories and old-school red and white sneaker-style shoes.
Whilst the red goes from his hair the style changes slightly for the first time, instead of the handful of large spikes he now has lots of little spikes.
The rebels’ stripe remains, as do his traditional lines which are black but now with silver ones as well.

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