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Kandy is a girl who is paid by Java to seduce Lex in order to break up Lex and Siva. She is first seen in a bar, where she and Goose flirt with Lex. When Siva comes in, he gives them the address to his hideout. Siva later finds Lex in bed with Kandy and breaks up with him. Java then pays Kandy.


Kandy's look is incredibly ’pink.' Hence that none to subtle baby pink trousers and top combo the pants are hipster style whilst the top is short and considerably low-cut. She finishes with a little blue daisy necklace.
Her hair has certain Ellie influences but somehow manages to be even girlier. It’s very, very long and blonde with blue and dark pink sections in it. This mass of hair is put up in two bunchies with sparkly pink cube-bobbles, long pink ribbons tied to the top and huge sections of hair crimped throughout.
Finally, the makeup fits the bill with pale pink lipstick, pale blue shimmery eyeshadow and for facial design uses rhinestones and glitter very well. She has 3 pale blue stones above each eyebrow, a silver gem by each eye and a glitter daisy design on each cheek dotted with rhinestones.

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