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Portrayed by Caleb Ross

First appearance:
Last appearance:
16 (1st season)

When Lex first arrived in the Mall he was selfish, nasty and only interested in getting the women. He is better now but he still is quite arrogant. He has been with most of the women in the Tribe but he is currently with Siva. He was sheriff of the city but when Salene took over he was demoted to Deputy.


S1 When Lex stomps into the Mall with Zandra and Ryan in tow he’s wearing one of his most colourful and detailed outfits- yet you know he wants to be in charge. He starts with a long-sleeved top that is forest green and mustard yellow in various patches, stripes and different coloured sleeves etc, with red and black detailing. Secondly we have charcoal pants with patches of patterned white, yellow and red material on the sides. To join these two we have the slightly un-macho rainbow braces. The outfit is completed with red army-style boots, black leather belt and that strange necklace thing made out of stripy material and a metal ring. Whilst not particularly scary when you see the likes of Zoot, Lex looks bigger and tougher than most in this outfit. Lex’s shoulder-length black hair is nice and sleek here, the front of which is tied back for practicality and looks vaguely bohemian (for want of a better word). We are also introduced to Lex’s trademark at this point- the teardrop design drawn on in black under each eye (think The Crow or Alice Cooper). Sometimes he adds a second line to the side of his left eye from the brow bone to top of cheekbone. This is a design so cool Ryan decides to copy it. Lex has arrived.

Later on when Lex really begins to acknowledge Zandra he starts to dress himself up a bit more- hence the black sleeveless mesh shirt with what we’ve named the ‘censored nipples effect’ with black patches. There are also some of the first armbands to appear in Tribeworld here with his black leather-effect ones, probably wanting to show off his arms even more. He then has black combat style trousers with red piping and detail and keeps his big belt. For his hair the front part is tied back most of the time but he has also bleached two yellow-blonde streaks on each side. However, his makeup doesn’t change. It doesn’t really matter because the lines really suit him.

However, things radically change when Lex gets the virus, rapid aging doesn’t go with his kitu CRM ierey look. So under Tai-San’s guidance he instead goes for the minimalist look, starting with plain black boots and practical dark blue jeans. To go with this he has a white vest with a rather cool neon yellow cross on it for the classic I-have-a-plague-keep-away image, over which he wears a loose white shirt. This is a simple outfit but he has one accessory: a metal and crystal pendant thingy for warding off those bad vibes. His hair unfortunately goes all wrong here, well it does grow quite a bit all of a sudden but the grey-ness isn’t exactly a turn on. There’s a classic bit of tribe-makeup during Lex’s illness, he actually wipes off his teardrop design. This must be serious…

end S1/beg S2 After wandering around all crusty due to the virus Lex wants to dress himself back up. With the help of Zandra he finds a new outfit; slightly baggy dark red combat pants and big black boots start us off. He then has a black vest type-thing with two black leather straps across, later he adds the standard S2 leaf armband but this is Lex in his sleek, stylish mode. For his hair he starts wearing it full down more often and the streaks on either side suddenly become a deep red- which look nicer and go with the outfit quite well. Finally, his makeup finally takes a change. Lex has the one line down the middle of his left eye. Also he draws a line down the centre of his chin, I’m not quite sure why- maybe it was quicker than growing a goatee…

S2 Even though he has his problems what with grief, alcohol and women Lex doesn’t sacrifice looking good for this. Here we have the cool, unusual top that is half black half red- joined in the middle by lots of buckled straps. He also has black leather pants with patches at the top of outside leg of white and yellow diamond patterned leather and then yellow leather patches on the bottom inside leg. Black boots finish off this new outfit. For his hair Lex decides it’s time for a change so we go into his dredlocks stage, these aren’t really the properly-formed dreds of Zoot but they do look good. He has part of them help up, as in S1, but also adds red and blue feathers for detail. Also for a VERY short space of time he also had green pipe cleaners wound around some of them that were a very original, grungey addition that should have stayed a bit longer. For his makeup we now have a black line on his left eye but also a block of red neck to it for variety. He also decides to extend his theme to his neck so we now have about 6 vertical lines down the right-hand side of his neck- some cool makeup ideas that go really well with the outfit.

end S2/S3 After the wedding and what with the Chosen takeover, nearly dying, being on the run and finding supposedly dead friends Lex decides to have a more simple outfit. He gets some new big black boots and also some grey stonewashed pants that have yellow leather patches on the lower inside leg and silver button detail. He also wears a leather belt with a plain black lycra top- which doesn’t matter too much because he spends most of his time wearing a new bright blue biker jacket. For his hair it’s time for the dreds to go and it’s back to the sleek look. His hair is all black; the front part is now tied back in 3 twists along his scalp. Large red and blue feathers are pushed under these for decoration. The lines actually go for a while in his makeup, but don’t think he’s going fresh-faced though. Lex goes for a HUGE facial design, the basis being a traditional Maori one, on the left side of his face he has 3 large…er…wiggly black lines all joined up at the bottom going from his temple to chin. This is like a war-paint design that actually looks really good once you get used to it. He also has the rebels’ stripe on the other cheek.

S3 When the Chosen are finally defeated we have a long-awaited outfit change- Lex goes for a black top with patches on the front and shoulders of a material that is mainly a lilac-blue but with dusting of yellow, green and red squiggles and the like. He also has some really cool armbands made of red netting and black cord, he also ties some of the cord around his neck to match. He completes this with his black boots, some black combat-style pants and a clear plastic grommet belt. This is actually quite a cool, different outfit for Lex we should have seen more of. His hair remains pretty much the same as previously, swept back slightly, but is still nice. Finally, he goes back to his one line across the left eye and also the line down his chin, a bit of retro Tribestyle never hurts.

lateS3/S4 However, that outfit has to go when Lex is appointed City Sheriff! This is cause for dressing it up a bit- so he goes on an obvious western theme. We see new boots, black denim pants with distressed silver patches on the inside leg to start with (check the flies are done up!). Then we have a black shirt with red piping and a big metal Sheriff’s badge with the Mall rats symbol in dark red glitter. He also has a black Stetson and a long black leather coat with HUGE metal attachments on the shoulders that look a bit odd…anyhow this is a fantastic outfit that has Lex at his show-off best. For a while he just wears the Stetson and doesn’t do much with his hair, but when we get to S4 he has a blue highlight on the front right side of his hair and also a blue feather tied to the bottom of a strand next to it. When he first adopts his new look he emphasises his teardrop look by making them big, very big. This doesn’t look as good and is better when in S4 they change to tiny little flicks coming out from under the eyeliner and a block of reddy-purple colour on the edge of his right eye.

S4 Being demoted kinda took Lex’s enthusiasm away along with his adventures in Reality Space and we see a more subdued outfit to replace his Sheriff’s one. He has a plain black shirt detailed with a triangular cut-out at the neckline (often shown under his rather cool new dark purple coat) and then faded black denim pants with a red tint and red stitching, a yellowy gold belt adds something decorative. Whilst this is composed it does have that stylish sleekness Lex goes for.

S5 Once Lex decides he should change outfit we see he’s still into his tough guy look and that colour is still out in his opinion. The most interesting part of the outfit is his new net/pothole black shirt; worn under a black sleeveless tee with a silver zig-zag pattern on it, it’s not particularly spectacular but we can see what Lex is going for here. Then he stays simple with charcoal black denim combats and finally decides to accessorise properly with a handful of black rubber bracelets and matching chunky silver chain-link bracelet and necklace. Hair still isn’t up to much, staying half back with the odd black feather tied into it. Yet, as the blue highlight of S4 has now gone, he now has a very dark red streak on the left for added decoration. Makeup, of course, is not about revolutionary change, but there are some interesting experiments. For a start the tiny black lines remain, but he also adds a fragmented red stripe on one side- then two vertical black lines on one side of it, making it Lex’s most detailed makeup for a while. Then he also has a slightly more innovative swirly, yet somehow still spiky, design on his arm just below his shirtsleeve- so maybe Liberty is having more of an effect on him than we thought.

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