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The Locusts (a.ka. "The Locos") were introduced in Series 1. They were a violent, malevolent tribe, who trived on "Power & Chaos".


The Locusts were led by the fearful Zoot, who was also the father of Trudy's baby. Ebony took over leadership after Zoot's death.


Members included Spike and Glenn.

Beliefs/Way of Life

The Locos believed in Power & Chaos, and lived by terrorizing the streets in stolen, decorated police cars. They also got around on rollerblades, and thrived on slave-trading. Often the people captured by Zoot were forced into slavery.


The Locusts' makeup was very extravagant, with much black and red. Ebony, as an honor to her Loco past, constantly is seen in red leather. The members are equiped with much body armor, and red streaks cover their faces.


The Locusts constantly horrified the Mallrats, but after Trudy gave birth to Zoot's baby, Brady, Zoot treked out to the mall on his own, and died there. He was given a burial at sea, where Bray confessed that Zoot was his baby brother. Ebony took over the Locos, but soon she was overthrown by Spike and the Locos disbanded after that.

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