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The Locusts (a.ka. "The Locos") were introduced in Series 1. They were a violent, malevolent tribe, who trived on "Power & Chaos".


The Locusts were led by the fearful Zoot, who was also the father of Trudy's baby. Ebony took over leadership after Zoot's death.


Spike, T-Bone, and Glenn

Beliefs/Way of Life

The Locos believed in Power & Chaos, and lived by terrorizing the streets in stolen, decorated police cars. They also got around on rollerblades, and thrived on slave-trading. Often the people captured by Zoot were forced into slavery.


Zoot is the obvious lead for all aspects of Loco appearance hence why they all take the red and black colour scheme and love of leather from him. The boys have the average outfit of a blue, black or red leather suit. They accessorise with knee, elbow and shoulder pads that seem to have been taken from street hockey, customised helmets and similar with wire, spikes and studs. Locos wear boots obviously, but also have rollerblades for chasing people and following Zoot’s police car.
There is not set Loco hair requirement most of them hide their hair under helmets. The average look is basically messy and/or spiked but the odd person will have dreadlocks, bunchies or braids.
Makeup follows the Zoot template with all members having random bright red scrawls all over their faces. Featured designs were arrowheads, abstract flames, zigzags and blocks of colour; all of which feature all over the face (cheeks, foreheads, chins etc). Blacked out eyes and bands are sometimes added to the look.


The Locusts constantly horrified the Mallrats, but after Trudy gave birth to Zoot's baby, Brady, Zoot treked out to the mall on his own, and died there. He was given a burial at sea, where Bray confessed that Zoot was his baby brother. Ebony took over the Locos, but soon she was overthrown by Spike and the Locos disbanded after that.

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