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Luke was the Guardian's right hand man. Luke truly believed that the Chosen were good and were offering hope to suffering kids. After spending so much time in the Mall with the Mallrats, Luke couldn't help but to fall in love with Ellie. Their relationship was very tricky because they both strongly supported their side of the cause. Luke finally realized that the Guardian was completely insane and resigned from being part of the Chosen. While the Guardian rambled on about blowing up the mall Luke tried to persuade the remaining Chosen that the Guardian was a mad man. After the Chosen were defeated Luke had to hide in the mall. Luke couldn't take the guilt and surrendered to the Mallrats. Amber ruled that Luke was guilty and sentenced him to live with his guilt. Though Luke was a free man many people still wanted him dead so Luke was forced to stay in the Mall. While the Mallrats were rebuilding society they appointed Luke to be treasurer because of all the organizing he did for the Chosen. After Luke realized how corrupt Ebony was and that she obviously planned to use him, he decided to leave Ellie and the Mall. While Luke was leaving he happened to pass an enraged Alice. He knew that she was going to waste the Guardian. Luke barely saved the Guardian's life by trying to clam down Alice. Soon after Luke saved his life, the Guardian took Luke by the throat and dragged him through the hills to a waiting boat. As the Technos arrived in their planes the Guardian explained that they were the true bringers of power and chaos, and that he was going to a Chosen safe house were Luke would be invited. That was the last we saw of Luke, we can only guess what he chose to do.


Luke as Lt. of the Chosen were slightly different robes than the rest. His robes were powder blue with a royal blue lining and red stitching. He had a matching royal blue sash and always wore the hood down but we’re not sure what he wore on his feet as we never saw them due to the skirt of the robe.
Lt. Luke had the token blue Chosen hair, which matched his eyes, but it was not short like the other members, it was instead combed upwards into a quiff.
Makeup was never a priority for Chosen members, but Luke didn't even have the standard Chosen white eyeliner. He also wore a bindi that was blue with a drawn on design to detail.

The robe was dropped and we discovered Luke had a wardrobe hidden somewhere. We see Luke in a tight sweater in a colour somewhere between lime green and neon yellow with reflective parts and a blue waistcoat/bodywarmer with multiple pockets and red linings. Plus this he wears blue and red pants made out of a leather-like material and plain black boots.
The hair stays blue but quiff was lost and his hair is now ruffled and slightly spiked. Luke adds som makeup as well. On his left cheekbone he has three horizontal blocks of colour getting smaller as they go down his face in the order silver, then green, and then red.

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