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Maddigan's Quest was a fantasy-based television series set in a post-apocalyptic future. It was based on an original concept by Margaret Mahy and was developed for television by Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang. The show was screened on Nine Network in Australia, and was aired on the BBC (UK), and TV3 (New Zealand) in early 2006.



Early in the 22nd century, the world underwent a vast and rapid change. The tectonic plates of the Earth began to shift and rapidly changed the face of the planet. Since then, the events of this time have grown to be known as the time of the Great Shift or the Great Chaos- and have become myth and legend. As a result of these events, the population of Earth severely dropped and little remained of the old ways. While some forms of old technology exist, the ways of man have receded. Slavery is not uncommon, bandits roam the highways...

Maddigan’s Quest follows the circus troop ‘Maddigan’s Fantasia’, who come from the city, Solis. Each year, the Fantasia leave Solis to perform and earn a living, but this year is different: they have been set the task of obtaining a new Solar Converter to replace the existing converter – the only power source in Solis – which is failing. At the centre of this quest is 14-year-old Garland – the final member of the Maddigan family line.

During the Fantasia's journey, two boys and their baby sister appear from the future. But while the younger brother, Eden, seems to be a blessing to the performers with his illusionary skills, his older brother Timon is hiding a dark secret. A secret that threatens the Fantasia, their mission and the future of Solis itself...


Tane: Hori Ahipene
Yves: Tim Balme
Maddie: Danielle Cormack
Ozul: Peter Daube
Eden: Zac Fox
Goneril: Rachel House
Maska: Michael Hurst
Garland: Rose McIver
Timon: Jordan Metcalfe
Bannister: Mark Nua
Boomer: Rawiri Pene
Lilith: Olivia Tennet

DVD Releases

  • A Region 1 encoded DVD release of the complete series is planned for late 2006.
  • 2|Entertain, a UK-based company, has released a Region 2 encoded DVD set of the complete series.
  • New Zealand and Australia have recently released a Region 4 2 DVD disc set of the series including special features.

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