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The Mallrats are a tribe that lives in the Mall in Sector 9 of the the City. They are a good-intentioned tribe, always working for the good of the city. They are the main tribe in the show.


The role of leader for has been held by Bray, Amber, Lex, Danni, Salene, and Ebony at different points during the course of the show.


Alice, Andy, Amber, Bray, Bray jr., Charlie, Cloe, Dal, Danni, Dee, Ebony, Ellie, Gel, Jack, Jay, Lex, May, Mouse, Ned, Patch, Patsy, Paul, Pride, Ryan, Salene, Sammy, Siva, Tai-san, Tally, Trudy, and Zandra

Beliefs/Way of Life

The Mallrats believe in a democracy, that the world should renew itself and work together. They do not condone murder, and attempt to give everyone a fair chance. They often lead the city through the tough times.


The Mallrats do not have one particular style, but their costumes are always a mix of mild and wild. Their styles are made a little more loud for special events, such as parties, weddings, and funerals.


The Mallrats helped discover what caused the virus, they created and dispensed the Antidote, killed Zoot, and were the catalyst for the events worth mentioning in the series. Two babies and four weddings have taken place within the Mallrats.

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