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Portrayed by Laura Wilson

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May has always been quite dozey in my opinion. She fell for Pride and at first he didn't go for her but he changed his mind. May was happy but Pride didn't really love her so they broke up. In series 3 she worked for The Chosen but was secretly with the Mallrats who were fighting The Chosen. She got taken away by the Technos and was put in the game. She has now escaped but is still hooked on the game.


S2/earlyS3 May’s first outfit was one of the early appearances of the oh-so-popular shorts in Tribeworld with an unusual combination of brown and sea green, this came with a matching brown top with strap detail and some very funky green crocodile-style cuffs. Other accessories were her fantastic black jacket with coloured squiggles and her chainmail choker with buttons on. With the none-too-subtle cut of her top and the final black boots with the huge green snake design painted on them we knew this was a girl who loved fashion and was ready for fun. May’s makeup is without a doubt my favourite at this point- bow down to that eye makeup! The red and blue ‘triangles’ design shows her fun nature and the blue zigzag on her right cheek and front when topped with the reddy-purple lipstick complete a great look. Her hair not only shows us her sparky nature but also was new in Tribeworld- her short black bob (occasionally backcombed) has a great violet dip to the ends and silvery streaks that contrast well.

S3 After hiding her clothes under Chosen robes May decided on a new more feminine outfit now that Pride was around- this began with a triangular orange tie-neck top with a white gauze top over it. She also had the fashionable armbands; white ones with 2 small ones on her left arm and one large one on the right- there is also a matching choker. She then had a pink and black dress with a skirt unlike we’d seen before- short at the front and long at the back, showing May’s fun personality again, topped off with orange tights and black boots. May’s makeup became decidedly less interesting at this point, green eye shadow and a more neutral lipstick, possibly again to look more feminine around Pride. Her hair needed no change and had no dramatic overhaul, although the silver streaks appeared to go.

Due to the incident with the molasses May changed her outfit- not dramatically but it did appear to suit her personality better as the colours became more vibrant. Her armbands and pink and black dress remained but it was then layered with a yellow top with holes across the shoulders lined with black- she also changed to black tights with green fishnets over (Hurrah!) Makeup was then given more attention - her eye shadow is done in a blue ‘square’ design with a blue/purple shimmer over the top and diagonal blue lines across her eyebrows, she also has a small purple swirly gothic-y symbol on her left cheekbone, the rebel’s stripe on the right and a green random patch and line design on the left of her forehead. Again, hair needed no specific change but she began to put various small bunchies in it and the cut became more jagged.

S4 After such a strange disappearance with the other Mall Rats May stumbles back in with not only Reality Sickness but also an outfit overhaul. The main focus of the outfit is her top; it’s made of a scarlet oriental material and short sleeved with two large triangular cut-outs on the front at each shoulder. This is repeated on the back and with its high neck and matching cloth arm cuffs it looks amazing. Then she has a dark denim pleated skirt with a very cool belt that appears to be made out of orange and red dream catchers- under these she wears a pair of 3/4length dark violet trousers. Accessories include a metal pendant and a cool coiled metal beaded bracelet. These are new colours for May but she carriers them off really well. However, her makeup suddenly becomes for feminine but she still likes it to match- so we now see a lot of dark pink to red eye shadow blended into a triangle design, which is a nice adaptation on her previous looks. She then has a dark red crystal bindi on her forehead and matching jewels on her right cheekbone. She keeps the theme going and utilises her top’s design by adding some fantastic violet leaf-shaped crystal body tattoos to her collarbones. Completed with dark pink lipstick it’s wonderful how she managed to not make this look like she’d raided Tai-San’s wardrobe. Her hair suddenly becomes more subdued- maybe to reflect the strains of Reality Space. It’s now a mid-brown instead of black with a nice subtle red-ish dip to the bottom that matches the top, whilst her previous cut has grown out somewhat. However, when we get to S5 she’s right back on form with some brilliant orange hair extensions around the bottom that brighten up the look to great effect.

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