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Megan Bronwinne Alatini (née Cassie) (born September 29, 1976) is a South African-born singer and actress. She has shot to fame as one fifth of the all-girl Popstars band TrueBliss and has starred in various television shows.



Megan was born in George, Cape Province, South Africa, as the first child of Barbara and Daniel Cassie. She spent the first eleven years of her life there, until her family relocated to New Zealand in 1987. She enrolled in Papatoetoe High School in Auckland, becoming a prefect and being considered a good student and role model. At age 17 she met Pita Alatini, a future All Blacks rugby player, at a church youth group and began dating him. She was horrified when she found out that she was pregnant – her future plans of going to University were disrupted. Still, she decided to bear the challenge: on May 13, 1993, her daughter Tonica was born.

Megan loved singing from an early age and considered it a part of her culture. Her family encouraged her to audition for Popstars in early 1999, and, much to her astonishment, she made the cut and eventually became a member of TrueBliss, the first band ever to be formed out of Popstars. The five girls went on to cut a #1 single followed by a #1 album, before they (unofficially) parted in late 2000.

In February 2000 Megan married her long-time boyfriend Pita, who had proposed to her on her 20th birthday. She also formed a singing group with her sisters and made various singing appearances all over New Zealand throughout the years. In late 2001, she recorded several songs with her sisters, some of which have been released on the Abe Messiah: New Edition album.

Megan has also enjoyed a lively career as an actress. She started off with guest stints on Hercules and Young Hercules. Her actress sister Meryl Cassie helped her and her younger sister Monique land parts as core characters in The Tribe. In addition, she played Dr. Leggz in the wacky comedic drama series Atlantis High. Soon after filming ended, Megan gave birth to her second daughter named Tiara. In 2005, she delivered her first son, Trey.

From 2003 to 2006, Megan lived in Tokyo, Japan with her husband Pita, where he plays rugby, and three children.

On May 12, 2006, it was announced that Megan had accepted the offer of becoming a judge on the panel of the forthcoming third season of NZ Idol.



  • 1999: Dream - #1 NZ (TrueBliss)
  • 2003: Abe Messiah: Remix (The Tribe, German release only)


  • 1999: “Tonight” - #1 NZ (highest selling single of the year) (True Bliss)
  • 1999: “Number One” - #12 NZ (TrueBliss)
  • 1999: “Freedom” (TrueBliss)


Starring Roles

  • 1999: Popstars as herself
  • 2001: Atlantis High as Dr. Leggz
  • 2001-03: The Tribe as Java
  • 2006: NZ Idol as judge

Guest Roles

  • 1992: Shortland Street
  • 1999: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
  • 1999: Young Hercules as Sea Nymph in the episode 'Apollo'

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