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Meryl Danielle Cassie (born april 2, 1984) is a South African-born actress and aspiring singer of African and German descent. She is best known for her portrayal of Ebony in the cult sci-fi series The Tribe. She has also made guest appearances on Shortland Street, Xena: Warrior Princess, Revelations: The Initial Journey and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and has sung the lead vocals on two albums inspired by The Tribe.

Born in George, Cape Province, South Africa, she emigrated with her family; her mother Barbara, her two sisters, and her older brother Miquille; to New Zealand in 1987, mainly due to apartheid. Ever since she was five she knew she wanted to act and at age nine she began doing theatre plays and taking workshops.

Meryl has two older sisters, both of which featured alongside Meryl in the cult TV series The Tribe, one of them being NZ celebrity Megan Alatini who became famous through Popstars. Her family is best known in New Zealand for their intricate hairstyles - all of the women wear braids and they own a chain of braiding salons. Her mother's name is Barbara.

Together with her partner rugby player Brendan Wyatt she welcomed their first child, son Rylon Ngarino, on September 16, 2006.




  • Revelations: The Initial Journey .... Lucy James (2002)
    • 'The Good Samaritan'
  • Shortland Street .... Cinnamon (2002)
  • The Tribe .... Ebony (1998-2003 )
  • What Now?! .... Being a Presenter/Reporter (1995)

Extra Work

  • Xena: Warrior Princess (2000) Extra
  • Hercules: Legendary Journeys (2000) Extra


  • Abe Messiah: New Edition, Album Remix (2003)
  • Abe Messiah, Soundtrack to The Tribe (2000)


  • Meryl is a very strict non-smoker.
  • In the second season of The Tribe, Meryl roomed with her co-star Tori Spence, who she liked to call her best friend on set. During the forth season, she shared a lodging with co-star Tom Hern, before eventually moving in with her boyfriend Brendan Watt at the time of the fifth season.
  • In the second season, Meryl had to share some of her scenes with spiders and rats. According to herself, she wasn’t intimidated by them. In contrast she’s majorly afraid of cats.
  • On the 20th of November ’99, Meryl presented an award at the New Zealand Film And Television Awards.
  • After recording the Tribe soundtrack ‘Abe Messiah’, Meryl was so fond of singing she formed a group with her two older sisters Megan and Monique (later called ‘Nubian Angels’). Their first real appearance was on the 22nd of July in 2000, where they sang live at a rugby match between New Zealand and South Africa (both of Meryl’s homecountries) that was televised to an audience of millions around the world.
  • The person she most loved to work with on the set of The Tribe was Saranne James, the housemother and chaperone of the cast.
  • When asked what kind of ‘beauty secret’ she has, she said that she eats a lot of chocolate because she hopes it makes her look radiant
  • Her nicknames 'Maz' and 'Mezza' were given to her by her co-stars while shooting The Tribe and have stuck ever since.
  • At the age of 14, Meryl got her belly button piercing and has had it ever since. She decided to have a tongue piercing at 16, but took it out again after some time as she felt that it had lost its appeal after the first excitement. Finally, on her 18, birthday she got a tattoo on her lower back, an ankh, and a firering around it.

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