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This article contains brief descriptions of minor characters of the The Tribe. To find out more about the character see individual entries


Minor Characters

Axl (Gareth Howells)

Was a member of the Locos. After Ebony took over he lead a revolt against her leadership. Became member of Ebony’s Militia in S2, knows Alice really well so he hinted, sided with the Chosen and betrayed Ebony and was never seen again.

Becki (Unknown)

One of The Farmgirls.

Billy Boy (Tim Dale)

Leader of The Jackals in S2. He did not like Lex much. The Mallrats have a dislik for him in S2 and banned him from their market place. It was thought he got "wasted" by The Chosen. Billy Boy was a candidate in the election as city leader against Salene in S4.

Bliss (Unknown)

Series 3 - Gaian who looked after/helped Trudy with Brady.

Blue (Jay Bunyan)

From S4.

Cain (Ben Pennel)

One of The Chosen in Series 2, he sorta played the same role as Luke did in series 3

Carter (Willie Mctavish, Sam Kelly)

Now this gets difficult Carter is a minor character from Series 2, he was a Demon Dog Leader (it is believe that the two actors played the same character rather than there is two Demon Dogs both called Carter). He has appeared several times in series 2 (he robbed the tokens from Lex, he sold a chicken in the Mall) he was also the first person to be ‘nabbed by the Chosen.

Chosen Guard (Matthew Bently)

This guy was in nearly every episode of Series 3.

Cole (Michael Ness)

Series 3 - Leader of the Praetorian Guards.

Dawn (Jessica Gurunathan)

In Series 1, the Asian Farmgirl working for Alice. She doesn't like Lex much.

Dimples (Emily Mowbray)

One third of The Smile, possiblely the "leader" of The Smile.

Dirk (Matt Offord)

Boyfriend of Ro’anne.

Duff (Karl Kite Rangi)

Series 3 - Moz hired him to kill the Guardian, but Bray stopped him.

Ethan (Chris Parson)

A Rebel in Series 3, very interesting character, we didn’t see a lot of him.

Farmworkers #1 & # 2 (Alexandra Buist, Alexandra Ellis)

From S2.

Fish (?)

Series 5. Former Techno. Responsible for the transportation of prisoners out of the city during the Techno's invasion. Mega told Lex about Fish, Lex tracks him down. Fish informs Lex he knows that Ved and Bray are still alive.

Fisheye (Drew Neemia)

Series 3 - A trader and a mate of KC’s. The two fell out when KC tricked him in a dodgy deal.

Ginny (Mia Taumoepeau)

The first patient to the hospital set up by Jay in Series 4. She joins in the fight against The Technos, but later betrays them as she captures Jay and is prepared to take him to Ram. She's a Game junkie.

Glenn (Keegan Fulford-Wierzbicki)

In the start he follows Lex, Zandra, and Ryan, until they meet the Locos. Lex makes the Locos angry and they start hunting Lex and the others. Lex who ran in front of Glenn, thus pushing Glenn further behind the others made Glenn get caught by the Locos so he could save himself.

Goose (N/A)

Series 4 - A girl Lex flirts with when he gets a celebrity status after his Gladiator stint on City-Net.

Grey Owl (Kane Parsons)

A Gaian Council Member, it's unknown if he is "Owl" or if Owl is another Gaian?

Gull Leader (Tuki Laumea)

Little known fact, Jet was not the first Gull leader, this fellow was killed (or was he?) by the Chosen. I think he was in the election for city leader in Series 3. Maybe he ain't so dead?

Hawk (Sam Kelly)

Gaian, one of the leaders in Series 4 onwards. Friend to Amber and other Mall Rats. Always there to help... Well sometimes.


Pride once said "Remember how we rescued Horse’s brother from that fort", to Amber/Eagle. He is a member of the Gaian tribe.

Hunga, The (Gareth Reeves)

Series 2 - Ex-Demon Dog, he was caught stealing food. KC let him escape.

Jago [Benj Berryman]

Casino owner. A dodgy dealer in Tribeworld. In Series 5 he and Lex were captured by Zootists. Jango tried turning all the people stuck in the cage against him by calling out that Lex was the one who killed Zoot but it didn't work because of Siva. All the people turned on Jango and tied him up.

Jet (Maria Penny)

The Gull’s second leader, it was thought she was killed by the Chosen but we she was not. She ended up getting taken away by Technos.

Joshua (Unknown)

Series 3 - He was the one who let Luke free.

Kandy (Sally Martin)

A girl Lex flirts with when he gets his celebrity status after his Gladiator stint on City-Net. He ends up in bed with her and Lex's current love Siva walks in on them. It turns out Java paid Candy sleep with Lex so Siva would break up with him.

Kip (Leo Brettkelly-Chalmers)

Zookeeper for the Zootists.

Leila (Anslie Allen)

Series 3 - The preganunt girl that the Rebels freed from the Chosen, Lex liked her even though she was pregnant.

Leyla (Jodie Alexander)

Leader of the Amazon’s she appeared at several Tribe Meetings in Series 2.

Lips (Andrea Sanders)

One third of The Smile.

Lynx [N/A]

Pride went to scout the sewers of the Mall with Lynx and Owl. (Series 3).

Main Man [?]

From the Orphans Tribe. Was in the final three contestants in the dancing contest in Series 1.

Marco [N/A]

From The Roosters Tribe. Was in the shortlist for Ram's election of City Leader - Series 4

McNeill / Mac [?]

A Techno. Series 4.

Mick (Cameron Doig)

He and his mate stumble accross Ryan in Series 1. Ryan had left the mall after Lex and Zandra's wedding. Mick doesn't speak much. He and his mate were planning to throw stones at Ryan but befriended him instead.

Missionary No#1

Series 3 - Lex asked this guy "Is it true The Guardain wears women’s underwear in bed?". We still haven’t found out the truth.

Misty (?)

A young girl who doesn't speak, she's part of the Nomads Tribe. Series 1.

Mitch (Tyler Preston)

One of Ro'Annes and Dirks goons who kept Salene prisoner in Series 1.

Moon (Deenah Mayhew)

Series 3 - Pony Joe’s "girl", she found Bray after the Mozzies beat him up and dumped him. There is no doubt that there was chemistry between Moon and Bray.

Moz (Miriama Smith)

Moz is the leader of the all female Tribe 'Mosquitos'. Their headquarter is an old factory, which they prepared with many nets, black leather things and cages to look more like what they call it: The 'Mosquitonest. Moz is a strong, tough young women to the outside, but has a softer side for some things -kids for example as she mentioned to Ellie one day, during an Interview for the 'Amulet'

Mutant Leader (Will Sabin)

Patsy thought he was "cute" when she and Cloe went man hunting. (Series 2)

Plane (Holly Payne)

The Gull who returned Dal’s wheelbarrow after the Gulls wrecked it, she was very flirty with him.

Pony Joe (Kelson Henderson)

Leader of the Horse Traders.


A Nomad, we hear the name but don't see her/him.

Ralph (Charlie Bleakley, Duncan Field)

Same deal as Carter. Played by two actors.

Riddler (Todd Emerson)

Series 5. A Scavenger working from the rubbish dump. He speaks riddles, hence the name. Lex went to him searching for info on Ram's whereabouts.

Rikki (Emma Cheape)

Bar maid in a pub in Tribeworld, KC robbed her ring and gave it to Ryan for his wedding to Salene. Series 2.

Ro’anne (Rose Bollinger)

Besfriends Salene in S1. She, and her fella, prostitute girls in exchange for food.

Rooster Leader (Kieth Gully)

Made alot of appearences in Series 2.

Rose (?)


Rosie (Nicolette Fisher)

Chosen girl who helped out the pregnant girls in Series 3.

Sasha (David Taylor)

Series 1. A juggler and entertainer whom Dal met in the Nomad's camp and made a slave along with him. He was brought back to the Mall after their escape, where he and Amber had a short but sweet relationship. He wanted Amber to run away with him, but she felt she had a responsibility to remain with the tribe, and so he left alone.

Scooter (Oliver Gascoigne)

KC sold Scooter one of his many pairs of Zoot’s goggles. Series 3.

Sick Kid's No. 1 and 2 (Josephine Byrne-Hay & Lyndon Keenan)

Lead an attack on the mall, because Lex and KC tricked them by giving them fake antidote. Series 2.

Slime (?)

Leader of The Orphans Tribe. A shortlist for Ram's election of City Leader. Series 4.

Spike (Lee Donoghue)

Another great tribe character, led the Loco insurgent, became leader of the Militia. Until Ebony framed him for attempted murder of Tai San. He tortured Ebony (as revenge) and finally he got killed by the Chosen in Series 2.

Spike’s Mate No.1 & 2 (Henry Blake & Darren Robinson)

Had cool custumes, they helped Spike to torture Ebony.

Stats (Frank Brown)

A Techno. In series 5 he and Wizard kidnapped Salene in ransom for Ram. They wanted to bring Ram back to the Technos. May informed them Ram was missing and they should kill Salene. Salene escaped though. Stats was later captured by Mega and told him about May's attempt to get Salene killed.

Susannah (Chantelle Brader)

One of the Nomad leader's with Troy. Their tribe are are met by Dal and Trudy after they left the Mall. After putting on a face of kindness and generosity Susannah and the nomads lure people into the group to sell as slaves.

T-Bone (Unknown)

Series 1 Loco. He won the dancing contest at the first Tribal Gathering. Ebony fixed it so T-Bone would win the contest even though Tai-San clearly won.

Teeth (Carolyn Lambourn)

One third of the singing trio called The Smile.

Top Hat (Sam Husson)

Leader of Tribe Circus. Seen mostly in S1 with breif apperance in S2.

Troy (Charlie Bleakley)

Leader of the Nomads. Gets angry easily especially when the people he trades as slaves disappear. Has a saying along the lines of: 'Give what you have and you'll always get back'.

Vege Trader (David Southern)

From S2.

Vendor (Jason Gascoigne)

From S1.

Wizard (Jason Cascoigne)

A Techno who worked with Stats. Loyal to Ram they kidnapped Salene and demanded Ram be exchanged for her. Series 5.

Wolf (Samuel Wallace)

Traveller who told the Mallrats that the Chosen were finished, but he was in co-hoots with them. Wolf was last seen being thrown down a flight of stairs by Jack.


A Demon Dog in Series 4. We don't actually see her, but we hear about her. She sent in a question for Lex's interview on City-Net.

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