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Monique Cassie (born August 20, 1979) is an South African-born singer, actress and dancer. She is currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.



Cassie was born in George, South Africa. In 1987, she emigrated with her family to New Zealand to escape apartheid. She is the middle Cassie sisters- Meryl Cassie and Megan Alatini.

She and her older sister Megan acted on the television series The Tribe, and sang the theme song, "Tribe Spirit". After the series ended, the sisters formed a musical group called Nubian Angels.

Cassie gave birth to her son Quelan Tonkin on July 7, 1998. In late 2004 she started working as a Corporate Consultant in Gilpin Travel, after completing her education in travel agency.



  • 2001-03: The Tribe as Siva
  • 199?: Xena: Warrior Princess as an extra
  • 199?: Shortland Street as an extra



  • 2003: Abe Messiah: Remix

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